Weekly Witness Update #4 - Blockstrain Development

2 years ago


I'm a bit late on the "weekly" part of the update.


It's because I picked up a few side projects, one of them being Pipe Cleaner, a small anti plagiarism service that informs bad actors as well as new unknowing users how to improve upon their posts. Another one, that I'm more excited about, is Blockstrain.

It's going to be a library of strains and relevant information pertaining to them.

I've been tinkering with this idea for a week or so now...

I've basically written 40% of the backend framework. Though I still have lots on my plate, at the same time, I'm running into some hurdles.

Things left to finish:

  • Converting markdown-to-json strings back into markdown, or any display format.

  • Dealing with auth keys.

  • cross-browser compatibility.

There are a few solutions I've come up with for these hurdles. It's just a matter of which is best and finding the time to write the code.

Any suggestions or features you'd like to see implemented are welcomed!

Witness News :

Will be upgrading my server capacity in the near future to run a testnet node, in helps of Development and app maintenance.

Once set up, I will release the API so others can use for developing aswell.

Sorry for the quick and dirty post!
I felt like I've been slacking on Smoke, while trying to develop on Smoke.

Ps. I really would love to hear any suggestions on features for blockstrain!

#cannabis #smoke #dev

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Nice one, looking forwards to your blockstrains site, will it pull strain reviews from the smoke network?


Yes it will post and pull strain reviews from smoke. Once I get @jackdub 's permission that is.. since most of the current reviews are from him lol. I'd prefer if people could post to blockstrain from smoke and to smoke from blockstrain!

Super curious about blockstrain too. Will it integrate with smoke and how?

Is the development planned in line with the features as specified in the smoke whitepaper?


The basic plan is to be able to post from blockstrain to smoke and/or from smoke to blockstrain. Though only posts about cannabis strains will be viewable on blockstrain. They will be categorically listed as you would expect for a strain library. Main sections being Indica Sativa Hybrid with various subsections of Effects etc..

Yes it is planned to have the features in the smoke whitepaper/roadmap, or atleast very close to it.