Smoke's Unbalanced Power Distribution; How It Is Degrading Future Innovation

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I've been witnessing for this blockchain's users since Sept 27 2018 with techcoderx. The very day I started witnessing I expressed the need for changes like , giving users the freedom to create accounts, building a larger development team with witnesses , and the problems that come with ICO or un-mined stake that controls all account creation and getting that kind of system on exchanges .

I was told in so many words to keep my mouth shut over and over by people who left smoke many months ago. But, I am still here. I am still voicing the same concerns about Smoke's future.

Smoke lost a number of talented witnesses and developers since these debates back in Sept 2018.

I believe for smoke to be attractive , blockchain investors be need to see, the robust governance DPoS can provide in action.

Democratic user powered development It is very powerful when harnessed for us within global data networks . Add to that decentralized access and storage, liqudity on exchanges , providing data storage cheaper than say amazon, and freedoms like immutable content.. other centralized networks like AWS can not even come close.

Smoke does very well with cheap and generally reliable data access, minus account creation (we can't make accounts) and minus all the backups witnesses quiting causing the chain to freeze for days.

It takes a team of people working together all around the world to make this work sustainably.

Is smoke worth your time? Do you really want to be here because of smoke's freedom or is it only for the payment of coins earned through inflation/print?

What is more valuable to you? Earning through content creation? Or building a system of sustainable networking to store important data for decades?

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What is more valuable to you? Earning through content creation? Or building a system of sustainable networking to store important data for decades?

Decentralized, censor-resilient cannabis platform.

Basically you are complaining that “DPOS doesn’t support your idea”? Do you think if the stake were distributed differently you would achieve consensus to hijack the chain?

Please elaborate on following topics you have previously expressed, whether on chain or in public chat:

  1. You believe the topical focus is merely a “consensus thing” and can be changed, shouldn’t be a topic
  2. You think that the community shouldn’t flag unrelated topics, as such you support token dilution and “complexity” of earning is not supported but 100% philanthropic
  3. At the same time, you want to (mostly) do away with rewards for creators and want to increase witness rewards big time. As such, as a witness, you do not support the community’s focus but instead merely are here “for the tech”.

What is more valuable to you? Earning through content creation? Or building a system of sustainable networking to store important data for decades?

I’m here for the weed and to build business upon that. Rewards for content are merely a Trojan horse. I will oppose, even lobby against, witnesses who come here for other uses and thus are merely interested in hijacking the chain from its original focus. They’re hostile to our “desires” and should take their server and start their own chain.

Because decentralized censor-resilient cannabis-focused platform was the initial, and intended, scope of this platform — not “innovation” as such — I will, personally, as a stakeholder, only consider any other focus supported by a witness as an attempt to hijack [or economically damaging use of the chain].

I hadn’t joined for data storage or timestamping for decades. Doesn’t interest me and pretty sure the new witnesses who joined after the chain issues all also expressed their intent to support the focus of the platform.

It takes a team of people working together all around the world to make this work sustainably.

I totally agree and thus it would be great if there were true collaboration for the topic, the initial pitch — especially among the few active ones — rather than the consistent need to defend the intended scope of the platform against the hostile intentions of certain witnesses. Imagine we could dedicate our energy to visibility and front-end improvements and platform development.

As such, I think that the active stakeholders who care have shown how robust SMOKE is when they dropped you as witness once your true intentions became clear to them. This chain never pitched “innovation”, you can find that in the repo and fork it. That’s where innovation starts.


100% this too on top of what I said. @unnamed is totally spot on with this.

Sadly there's always going to be people that value money more than they do community but saying that we're currently in a recession and for many people they can't afford to keep running a witness.
When the economy recovers people will be coming back and they'll be some witnesses that disabled that will come back when they can afford it.
This recession we are in is going to make the 2008 recession look mild. Though I do believe it will be this recession that becomes the Catalyst of marijuana legalization as Congress and the senate in the United States will see it as a way to climb out of the recession it won't be about doing what's right for the country it will be about the money.


we're currently in a recession and for many people they can't afford to keep running a witness.

Invalid point. It costs about $5 to run up to 3 witnesses currently on DigitalOcean. If you can't afford $5 a month, but can afford bud... maybe it's your priorities that are fucked up, not the "expensive cost" of running a witness.

I couldn't have rolled my eyes harder at that statement of not being able to afford it.

The only thing witnesses quitting tells you, is that they don't think this place is worth $5 a month. That's fucking pathetic. I don't care to have people like that here anyway. If it's not worth $5 a month to have SMOKE, but you'll pay stupid shit like $13+ a month for Disney+ and shit, when YOUTUBE has all the videos (in full, yes.) that they have. As fast as full videos/episodes of things go down, they go up. There is a constant flow of that.

Point being, if you're claiming the cost of running a witness is too much, while posting here about all the shit you're smoking on, you're a piece of shit. Sorry, not sorry. $5 a month is not "expensive" or "unsustainable" and if it is, how the fuck are you buying bud?

Your arguments are invalid here, the economy has nothing to do with anything when it comes to a $5/mo investment. Sure, you'll gladly fork that shit out for streaming services or video games or bud, but god forbid you spend it to run a fucking witness here. SMFH.

You talk about money, but not running a witness because you won't make the money back, IS the epitome of being "about money." Don't preach shit that literally invalidates your own points.

TL;DR - A witness costs $5/mo and you can run up to 3 of them on a DigitalOcean droplet. I currently have 2 and can run a 3rd if I so choose. If "it's too expensive" is your narrative for not running a witness, YOU don't care about anything but money.


And here you're assuming that all witnesses can afford even bud. There are even a few witnesses here that don't even smoke bud. To assume you know someone's financial situation is a little conceited also and if they're smoking bud maybe they're growing it and not buying. Not to mention maybe they need it medical and if it comes down to having their medicine and going a day without it their choice is their medicine.


No, I am assuming nothing. I am saying that it is inexpensive to run a witness. This does not apply to only current witnesses, this applies to every single person here. People want to run their mouths off a ton it seems, but no one wants to put in the very little effort/money it takes to run a witness. Just as you said about growing their own bud, you're obviously connecting to the internet and able to post, you can also run a witness from your own home. There simply is no excuse and any excuse is simply that, a bullshit excuse. Stop defending people's utter laziness and carelessness, it's not a good look.


Some people don't have the tech knowledge to do so. Or live in an area of the world that $5 is the average weekly income. Yes you assume alot to know how much people can afford to do or their knowledge. Also some people use free internet hotspots to connection to the internet and don't pay for it or access through libraries.


Sadly there's always going to be people that value money more than they do community

We see this every where and it's very prevalent on the blockchains that I write on.
Money, for me, is at the bottom of the list of reasons as to why I post on the platforms that I am on.


Witnesses should post more often for author rewards to top up their income than disable, hopefully some do come back but those who disabled without notice will have to campaign a lot more for votes


I agree they will have to specially those who did so with no notice or explanation

Honestly, I don't think distribution of stake has anything do with it. If people truly want to develop great things here and see the potential, they will. Thus far though, we've had a lot who claim they do, who've done very little. Even these so-called "great devs" that people speak of, haven't done shit for smoke. Even @indica has done more for smoke than our devs. He's created his own site that is a direct link to smoke.

@trees is the only other person besides @chronocrypto who I've ever seen develop anything at all for smoke tbh.

I think the problem is that too many people are worried about money, including developers, they aren't developing here because it's not profitable, but it's not profitable because they aren't developing here. We have no one seriously creating anything new or major for smoke yet.

It's this stupid cyclical logic of trying to place blame, that ultimately is the issue across the board here.
How about instead of bitching about shit, you develop something new and innovative that you can charge a small % to use and benefit yourself to return on your time invested into creating it, that will produce new hype/appeal for smoke?

If you're creating quality things for smoke, that are going to promote it and better the community, you will have the full support of @stoner and @baabeetaa and @indica and many other people who are here to stay, the people who have the largest stakes are currently active in voting... If you're producing quality content/dapps/etc.... Then it's basically as if that stake is your own and you're self-voting.... so what's the fucking issue that it's not exactly in your wallet? Is it that you're bitching that someone has more money than you? Because that will always be the case, to sit here and cry about it instead of just trying to post and vote and develop to distribute the new stake out more evenly, is just childish. You sound like a few of the other people on here who keep complaining about what other people paid/worked for in comparison to what you think you should be earning.

If it's not all about the money, then why does it matter that they have so much stake? Hm? If you're so concerned with this "sustainable networking" idea, then why does it matter what it costs or what you'll earn? Hm? It's not breaking any type of bank to invest in the health of the blockchain and considering there's not even really low-functionality dapps like a steemvoter type shit, there's honestly a LOT of room to build basic shit and earn a lot from it.

The problem here is exactly as you say, money. It's people who are too fucking worried about it to progress this blockchain. People who are bitching about the stake distribution instead of, oh idk, developing crazy shit and posting and earning like 1k-2k smoke a day... It's unfathomable to me how people can even act as if money is an issue here. Nothing about smoke is expensive, nothing at all. If you're using that as your excuse, the real reason is that you're not willing to invest because of YOUR own reasons, not because of legitimate reasons.

If you are a top developer here, developing crazy cool, useful shit... You're BOUND to be getting 1.2-2k smoke PER POST. Take away the curation and that's 600-1k smoke per post... Post 4 times a day, you've got 2400-4k smoke. Each day. Keep holding onto it, vote for yourself in addition... Your stake grows, your vote worth grows. Even if you weren't self-voting along the way, you'd be gaining at least 2400 smoke a day. In like 1/3 of a year, you've got 240k smoke.

I really wish people would just stop bitching and start posting shit more. If money is your problem, then shut the fuck up and post more. :D If you can't afford $5 for a witness, but can afford $100 in bud, then shut the fuck up about shit. Simple.

I do believe many people just view the content creation as a means of monetization, past that point the interest of general people dwindles rapidly. It’s difficult, when money is involved and things get pumped as get rich quick investments, to break human self benefiting nature.