My Introduction/Witness Announcement

3 years ago

High! I’m Graylan. I’m from South Carolina. I've been a closet computer nerd for the better part of a decade starting back in 2006. Having just turned 26, It's interesting to reflect back onto the many changes to internet social media, having witnessed many iterations of the centralized media websites appear one minute and be gone the next. I realized back in 2017 the tech behind Bitcoin and Steem are the future. I immersed myself in cryptocurrency communities from that point forward, trying to learn every aspect of decentralized technology. One thing I'd like to do on Smoke is build tools to further it’s adoption, and help educate these users so they can find their own successe inside the Smoke Chain.


It has been an incredible year. Most of it was spent on the revolutionary social media platform called STEEM. No legacy social media websites I’ve found comes close to comparing to STEEM.

The smoke blockchain is built off of Steem's codebase. It will continue to innovate upon what already is working in Steem's decentralized ecosystem. It can also provide advantages to enable new forms of content and different niche markets to flourish upon. One of those direct advantages is the removal of SBD (steem backed dollars), a token used by Steem.

I love the STEEM community, but there are many difficulties that goal along with being a witness there. So I’ve to decided to start my witness on Smoke as a team with my witness partner @techcoderx.

We hope as to innovate together as a witness team to help usher in this revolutionary technology.

Blockchains have already changed many people's lives. For example , our community has many Venezuelans, and many are able to earn a living from DPoS technology. OneloveDtube is a community I help manage and run. It formed as a community, based mainly of DTube users, a decentralized video sharing website. We work with creators by giving them to tools to achieve more. Along with other contributors, OneloveDtube has built a system allowing creators to store content long term by utilizing IPFS. The Interplanetary file system, along with our tools, can help to extend the content monetization window. It also helps keep spam off the blockchain. Having evergreen content means less spam therefore it’s a win for everyone. Come check us out on OneloveDtube discord here.


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Good stuff! You got my vote!


Thank you!! I appreciate your support .

Yo my man. Love what you're doing. Glad you're a witness.

Of course you have my support bro.

awesome possum my friend...


Thank you for the support meno . You have been a huge help and have given me a lot encouragement in difficult times.

you got my vote anytime brother, you are an amazing benefit to any blockchain you decide to stand behind.


You are one of my most vocal supporters and I deeply appreciate this.


I try to be vocal brother, you do so much to help the community and those around you and i think that's really important, plus you're really cool

Stepping up the game yessss! Wasn't that you asked me yesterday about the none weed related contents?? Things changed fast and I'm confused. LOLOL Anyways, congrats for this decision and I hope it goes smooth as kevinli's face! :)


Thank you for your support, I don't mind posting cannabis related content but it's definitely not the only content that i think would do good on the platform. Many people debated and it seems a consensus is forming that all content that isn't harmful or spam should be allowed.


Yeah, I would love that !

You got my vote 100% will pay it down today !


Appreciate the support todd. :)

Objective and forward thinking. Want the platform to succeed? Start by voting for gray.


Thank you for your support m1 :)

Hello @graylan, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
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We look forward to seeing the amazing cannabis content you produce!
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Thank you , @blackman would you be interested in working with myself and @techcoderx , to put a cool intro video in the witness bot posts :D , it can help educate new smoke blockchain users.