Witness Proposal by @easyrider

2 years ago


Witness Announcement

Ever since joining #Smoke it’s been a whole lot of fun. I didn’t feel any need to rush into setting up a witness server until now. It has been good getting to know people, welcome them onboard, and even do some UpSmokes on my daily coffee breaks. I created and ran a contest, 'Catch420' - which was a lot of fun. I made a whole lot of posts and content here since joining 7 months+ ago. Now, I’ve heard the chain needs more ‘witness participation’, and for the past several weeks I was brushing up on my ‘nix admin skills, something I did hands-on for a long time in my younger days (and comes back quick). Thus, it’s time to deploy a block producing #node, as part of my growing commitment to the SMOKE network. The costs may outstrip the rewards currently, I am prepared for that. The opportunity for SMOKE #blockchain to grow as the largest social and business network / exchange and eco-system for the legal marijuana industry is immense, and I am in it for the long term.

@Easyrider’s Background:

Going right back to very early 2000s, it was part of my job to perform Solaris and HPUX sysadmin for network critical monitoring solutions placed at edge of tier-1 and 2 telecoms providers. From past experience, from a technical standpoint I can follow instructions well, figure out config issues, find my way around most Linux systems - etc. I’m also partly in luck since @murda-ra being a friend and associate, allowed me to borrow his expertise when I was completely stuck and remains on hand for emergencies. He was instrumental in setting the tasks and providing steps for me to figure out getting this witness online.

What will I do as a witness

Securing the network is the top priority of a witness. Not development, not community management, not posting or blogging. The task is to produce and sign blocks, and if possible never miss any. The duty is to have a watchful eye on processes and the state of the network. To be available when something happens on the network, or some urgent action is required to keep Smoke Network and Smoke Blockchain safe from harm. That is what I pledge to do, to invest in maintaining servers, as I bring my old system admin knowledge back up to speed.

Another thing

It’s a work in progress, and I do plan to get it onto live URL https://cryptoninja.guru/ soon, it’s an instructional style blog, introducing and on-boarding a curious yet completely new user to the world of SMOKE, STEEM, BTS and more.

Check out the prototype now at http://staging.cryptoninja.guru/

Witness Specs

In a nutshell: VPS on tried and tested provider, anon because witness should remain so however the specs I share like this – remember they are virtual and can be increased anytime. Currently they are set to what the node is expected to require. In future I will consider dedicated node.

Node is located in Asia (Tokyo).

RAM and Discs

SSD hard drive is 160GB which as current state of SMOKE blockchain is sufficient. Solid State discs have no moving parts, and are much faster than traditional (mechanical) hard disk drives with spindles and optics. They behave at a speed approaching RAM, this means we can even use the SSD as ‘virtual RAM’ on the VPS, and it is highly performant. So, 4GB physical RAM, as much virtual as we need – sufficient until SMOKE has a lot more users.

Operating System

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 which remains simpler to configure and quite the stable one for running latest DPoS blockchain instances such as smoked. Is a plan to run on Debian, a highly secure and performant Linux OS flavor, this is being worked on however as there are some build/library dependencies to resolve.

CPU: Intel
Bandwidth: Up to 4TB per month

To vote for witnesses which secure the present and future of the Smoke.io network, go over to this page and review the witness threads - type 'easyrider' in the box at the end, or if I'm in the top 50 already, you will see me there. Cheers!




P.S. Emergency contact = Discord 'easyrider/cryptoninja.guru#7012' or invite link

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Nice one! Good luck on the witness role. I'm sure you will do great


I'm honored to be here and have your support. Witness was synced at same time as this post, and keys updated/posted so folks can now vote on me as witness since 20:09hrs Tokyo time ... time to roll one at last!

Voted yesterday when I've seen the post. Didn't believe you're on it for real when you commented my witness revival few days ago :)

Don't forget to throw in yourself to Telegram, will add you to the Witness group and bot notifications group from @roelandp