Unforseen maintenance - back in a moment!

in #witness
28 days ago

nugp - 1 (2).jpg


My Smoke Witness is currently down, I'm aware of it and undertaking the maintenance to get it back. Easyrider will return after a short intermission. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Above is a nugshot to help keep you going.

Thanks all for your kind support. I'll be back with more soon ... Happy 4:20 if it's that time where you are!

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16:09 where I am, not far off at all ;)

Tx for the update.... I think everyone knows you're always good for it!


Thanks bro, it'll be back up in no time ... meanwhile thanks for continued support

Check your memory config. Several witnesses went down, @jah.witness got back up when setting mem req to 8G.


Thanks a lot I will do that. Now just need to get time to dive in there again and put the witness back in it's feet. Tried last night .... looks like i will need to make this setting also. Cheers!

Hey man, how are you getting on? Doing alright? Any eta of when you'll be back?