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People of! You care dearly for this network and it's long term sustainability - please know we need around 30 witnesses at least to be stable and block producing in order to do so.

It is in part due to the number of expired/failed/disabled witnesses in the top 50 I have bought you mine.

I'm not asking you to vote for @easyrider as a witness, however if not please at least the following users check your witness votes, and please REMOVE them from all the witnesses that aren't active any longer.

View the witness threads and decide which to vote on here

View this webpage by @bbq-iguana (thank you) for the source of the below list.

Remembering the unix 'sort -u' command, this list didn't take me long, but it's a shocker ....

Following users, you all need to update witness votes if you care about your SMOKE .... !

!!! {List In Progress - Check back later for completed list!}


@a4illusionist, @acid, @airdropper21, @akashas, @alexisbusso, @amberyooper, @anonimous, @anupbose, @aronexxon, @alexander, @andrej-cibik, @angeltirado, @arosia, @artakush, @albertvhons, @avesatani, @azisjesika, @adelepazani,


@badripanda, @bapegod757, @batmankush, @bitcoinparadise, @blackman, @bluntsmasha, @botkin, @bozo1, @blaze, @bongripper427, @breezin, @bigbarrell,

@cabinndawoods, @cannabis, @cathodion, @cbdking, @cekmailpasee, @cephas, @cheeba, @chester, @crystalll, @christoryan, @closetcanada, @celestal, @crop-duster,

@daio, @dargonx0x, @darkox, @darkstorm, @delta605, @derek, @dhiditz, @digitalopus, @dimarss, @dreamon, @dreamteam, @daio, @dimarss, @drumandbong,


@emeraldtreasury, @enjoyinglife, @eureka, @elinoc,


@freedom, @freeyomind, @future24, @four20, @freedom, @freeyomind,

@geeadams, @godlovermel258, @goldendawne, @gr8fulmag420, @gremayo, @gonzo, @greengrandpa, @ganjagirls, @graylan, @gremayo,


@hash, @healthiswealth, @heaterville, @herman, @hightimes, @hackingyu, @homegrown,


@ilovemarijuana, @indaymers, @ivan, @ihashfury, @intelliguy,


@jeffguitar, @jegroen, @jeroen240, @jezsmith720, @joelagbo, @jwolf, @jezsmith720, @juanmitherobot,


@kalon, @kayceefresh, @kenechukwu, @khushiarvind, @kobusu, @kristenantai01, @kwest84, @koh,


@ladaural, @lawlai, @leweed, @llikeszi, @luckyluke, @lastopinion, @li-art,


@maelstrohmblack, @marijuanadoctors, @marshalllife, @maruf107, @maryjane, @matthewtiii, @mayb, @mbj, @medicalmarijuana, @mermaidvampire, @miixa, @mike, @mjgeeks, @moonblocks, @mrspacely, @ms-miller, @mve, @mavambu, @moosemama,


@nona, @natesbruh, @nug, @nathansternx, @novacadian


@oaldamster, @offgrid, @oliverekefre, @olulekan, @oodeyaa, @officialfuzzy, @opsin,


@pawanregmi28, @princeola, @podanrj, @plug, @prettynicevideo, @purapapita,


@realkiki85, @resmoker, @reyvape, @rodney101, @rulesforrebels,


@sall, @samexycool, @sanjular, @santa-sativa, @savagelion, @saw-scaled, @scriptkiddy, @seebeedee, @sergikmmm, @slow-mo-zoom,
@smoke-io, @smokebd, @smokehostel420, @smokepuff, @softuno84wf, @spliff, @stash, @suheri, @senorsmoke, @stevenmosoes, @soundwavesphoton, @stray,


@tecnosgirl, @taskmanager, @thedawg, @therealdesmond, @tallyhood, @theoccultcorner, @tradeitforweed, @trees,


@vladivostok, @vrbts, @vampyrlee, @voltaichail78, @vrbts,


@weedpharmacy, @wikileaksonweed, @warlynx, @waybeyondmunchie, @willspliff,


@zedge, @zephalexia, @zuculuz,

{List In Progress - Check back later for completed list!}


Peace! Big Shout Out to those that already done it!

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Hey @easyrider. I update my votes frequently. Just yesterday I have been adjusting it and added @ijmmai and @moonunit. I care about this blockchain, believe me. It's my favorite one and I've got a lot of hope and enthusiasm for it.

I've got my reasons for every witness I vote for and I've got patience and love for people. So, if they're not active for a while, I don't immediately kick them out. I know there's some disagreement concerning witness voting techniques, I am, however, going to stick with mine.

I understand your 'frustration' about this and I just added you. I wasn't really aware of you, yet. Now I am.

I am the mother of a 16-year-old. I've learned to wait and let things develop themselves. ;)


Hey @mayb, I hear you, and for sure some of them can get back online soon. The best however, is they release a report when they do so, or publish a reason why they are disabled/inactive now. If they aren't actually running a node, then all the love and patience in the world is still just your influence sitting stale on the network, when you can go show some love to folks like myself and @murda-ra, who are running around, working hard, and maintaining working nodes, also with kids to feed. You can go and vote on those hardship cases again, or reach out and ask if they need sponsorship to pay for hosting (witness rewards don't cover it, I can make far more SMOKE blogging). But please, I'm informing from a pure technical standpoint - On Graphene chains, it is biggest help and love to use your votes on active participation, if they aren't doing the work (producing blocks), they won't be getting any help from your vote anyway. Thanks for your support of network, I too got patience and love for people ... purely this is also only technical considerations for you on how the chain operates


I'm sorry to respond this, but I do this in the hope that it gives food for thought.

Hardship case is not an argument for votes and hardship cases should consider whether they should start in the first place. Mentioning it does not contribute to any factor of stability. Neither should family setup be mentioned because it is universal and every witness may have their own obligations and setup in life, which they may choose not to share because those factors are pretty much irrelevant to the network tbh.

Please don't get this wrong, I say this with the best intentions. Not as an attack. I know hardship myself well enough and I appreciate anyone stepping up, especially if during hardship times.
But let's earn those votes because of what we contribute, or the stability we bring. Not because of any other reason.

We have a major UX issue when it comes to witness votes but that's the never ending topic on graphene chains. :)


I agree with you also, “hardships” was a poor analogy, you well corrected it however by saying witnesses should be sure they can provide. In the end, you make the point very well - earning votes based on what we contribute or stability we bring. Thank you.


Seems I just bumped you in Top 50. Keep it up, with your usual posting and stable server you should climb that UX horror table rather easily. 👍


Thank you 🙏


The only thing I have to say regarding this is that you shouldn't be running a witness if you can't afford it. Witnessing isn't meant to be done for profit or even a break-even. It's solely for the stability of the blockchain and you should never be asking for help to pay for a witness. Just my opinion on things. The most stable witnesses who have the most uptime with the least issues should be receiving the most rewards, as I see it.


Complete agreement again here, I would not run a witness if I couldn’t spare the resources - ignoring the rewards, they aren’t guaranteed to cover things if you aren’t in the top 20 anyway. I’ll settle for what I can do to grow my involvement around here - this year I had a bit of luck here and there (call it good deeds paying off), and reinvesting them to a stable witness is my pleasure and pride to do :)


I just sent a message to one of the inactive witnesses I voted for, asking for some update. If the answer I receive is insatisfactory, I will remove my vote.

I'm not asking you to vote for @easyrider as a witness, however if not please at least the following users check your witness votes, and please REMOVE them from all the witnesses that aren't active any longer.

I see no reason why you shouldn't ask for votes at this point lol... I'm considering it myself, since I still have inactives above me. I've been witnessing for nearly 7 months now, basically since I joined. I've always had a deep love for the SMOKE blockchain and have never forsaken it. Even when dealing with legal issues for a bit there. It's a bit disappointing that I'm so low on the list, considering how active I am and how well I've done in running a witness without any prior knowledge. I've missed far less blocks than some of the "more knowledgeable" people, so there's no real excuse as to why I shouldn't be ranked higher. I guess, out of pride, in the past I have felt guilty asking for votes... but shit, it seems that if you don't put the request out there, nothing gets done. lol

I've been a witness from the very beginning of SMOKE (It had officially opened up a week or two before I started mine) and I've only ever missed 195 blocks according to @bbq-iguana's state of the witnesses posts. I was also a top 20 witness at one point, although it was short-lived because I took a stance against what most would call abusive behaviors and could not definitively prove their actions... and received backlash from it... so votes were removed from me for that. (I just didn't want to see this great platform end up like I had observed steemit end up. This is my home and I don't want people scamming my home blockchain...)

But, I learned lessons and here we are, nearly 8 months later. My witness has only had downtime of a day or two at most, once or twice, beyond when I was incarcerated, but I took immediate action to adjust when it did go down, as soon as I was aware, and it's just disappointing to me that I'm not a top 20 witness, as I've been active in the community, shared a shit ton of my SMOKE with others and continue to do so, provided value in my comments and interactions, for the majority of them, and have gained a lot of technical knowledge as to how to effectively and efficiently run a witness.

Basically, don't be afraid to ask for votes, if you're serious about witnessing. Just know that for some, it will take more than just being active to gain their votes. Still, to this day, I have a hard time getting people to add/remove votes, and I always try to get people to vote for active witnesses, not just myself.

There's also the conflicted feeling I have about constantly posting about witness voting, as I feel it can become a bit spammy imo... but when people aren't adjusting their votes and nearly half of the top 50 and some of the top 30 are inactive... It makes me wonder how many people actually care, who hold larger stakes. :/

To finish off... You've got my vote and you will always have it for as long as you're active.

I constantly check my witness votes (Maybe more than others because I'm a witness myself?) and make sure that I'm not voting for inactives and that I'm supporting only active witnesses. I care about this place. Always have, always will. I've said it many times, I'm dedicated to the SMOKE blockchain. I just want to see it flourish and grow to the potential it has. Witness voting plays a large role in the growth of the community.


If you took the time to read my long ass "story" of a comment.... lol... Much love to you and I appreciate it. Haha. ;)


I'm slowly getting through it, little busy today. I'm stoked to receive your support, now in the top 50. Appreciate efforts of all those points you made above, you do show big love and dedication to being here!

I did ask for votes - in my previous 2 posts :) Then I woke up this morning, and got in witness mood to ask everyone to try and clean up their own votes or not - and regardless who they would like to support, please only support those currently able to run nodes, as stale stake (votes) don't do anyone any favors. Hope that's clear, and big peace to everyone. Almost 4.20 where I am!


At this point, with this many disabled witness servers in the top 50 list, I don't think it is spammy to bring up witness votes often.

Having a platform on the blockchain requires a little more involvement from their users than just posting. Some see that as a burden, others are excited to be able to "influence" what happens with the blockchain/platform.


To be honest, what would be better would be to show why people should vote for a witness. By which I mean activity and contribution.

Voting just for the sake of beating a UX issue is not a valid voting strategy. Voting for witnesses who do contribute, rather than focusing on making sure that everyone is aware of the fact that there’s many inactive accounts and no voting decay, seems a much more sound solution to me.

Disabled witnesses in the table shouldn’t be the focus of voting. Activity and earned votes should be the focus of witnesses.


Yep that is also true. But since I only just arrived, I have no knowledge yet of how things are run here. What is appreciated and what is not.

The idea is not, to take a vote from a disabled witness and put it on a random other witness, but to just remove the votes that are cast on disabled witnesses. This will clean up the list in a more organic way, and make active witnesses more visible.

It is not just in the interest of the witnesses, it is also in the interest of the blockchain, the platform.


Anybody is free to chose their own strategy, find their own focus. We all experiment at times, and learn from it. I do believe that witnesses will climb that table faster if they focus on being active and adding value, or contributing, rather than on the “stale votes”. But that’s my personal belief.

The inactive votes is a longstanding graphene topic and it is IMHO not a strategy.
For what I tend to call “passive witnesses”, those who focus on solidity of the network (and hopefully also help others with admin skills where required), the disabled witnesses can be an issue but they can regularly remind the platform of their presence by witness-update posts, or even participating in the witness highlight.

End of the day, I personally like to think most of those rankings are based on a meritocratic system (which also has its own issues as known from Apache for example, or countries like the US, UK, and Germany with their college systems) and thus, sadly enough, those disabled ones did earn their spot. Eventually it all comes together though. Rather sooner than later actually.

I do have a possible suggestion for the UX though, but I am not convinced that the effort required, and also the load it would put on nodes as the network grows, justifies the... impatience. I say impatience because we are still a small community and most will climb the rankings just by being regular contributors.

I do understand the UX problem, and the frustration it creates, as we also experienced it. But I hope the witnesses consider building a more stable strategy for themselves.

IMHO the platform will benefit more from active contributions which we can share externally than from repeated metaness. Not that the latter doesn’t matter, but the former will help us showcase the platform more.

More than “what is appreciated or not”, I hope I can occasionally contribute food for thought. :)


Well, as stated in my first post, I am not here for the weed. That can be a good or a bad thing, I don't know. I am here for stability of the platform, keeping the blockchain alive. That doesn't happen automatically.

So if you care about the platform, you should care about the people who keep it alive. This works both ways.

When new people check the current witness listing they may think this platform will end soon, everyone is walking away. Even the witnesses have given up on it.

You can turn this bad first impression into a positive one pretty easy, remove your vote from disabled witnesses.

You say they earned their spot. Yep they did, but they gave up on it the moment they switched their server off. You can't hold their seat forever, and why would you.

In my opinion the focus on witness votes is a temporary thing. Once the list looks fresh and alive, the focus will be on helping the platform forward. And I am not saying that is not happening already, it is just a matter of focus.

From a witness point of view, it is fine to "combat" each other in earning votes by doing whatever. Having to combat with people who aren't even here, is just a waste of time and energy.

I didn't become a top 10 witness on Whaleshares by harassing people for votes and I have no intention of doing that on Smoke either. It is not what you say but what you do that makes a difference.

At this point all users with votes cast on disabled witnesses can make that difference.

I noticed more than a few familiar names listed in this post, so I will post on this matter on Whaleshares as well, tag users and see if we can get them more involved with the Smoke platform.

At the end of the day we all want the best for the platform.


I think it is easy to overblow the "may think this platform" will die soon.

As stated, I am fully aware of this issue. I'm member of a witness team myself, but while I sympathize... let's not FUD things. There's more than 30 active witnesses and given how tribalism happens, and then sometimes results in people thinking not their cup of tea, for an ultra niche platform in a bear market and without being listed, that is a rather positive evolution.

Again, I am fully aware of the issue and sympathize with it. I have often lamented my inability at coding a possible fix.

Most of all, I appreciate and definitely welcome more people to join. We are more active in backbone setup than many a platform. We are not dieing soon, we are constantly growing. With new witnesses like yourself too. Indeed, that doesn't just happen like that... that happens because we believe in immutable censor-resilient platforms.

There are multiple options for any type of witness to gain visibility and support. IMHO also more sustainable ones than being yet another one who focuses on a by now almost 3 years old and known UX issue. I firmly believe that placing the onus on activity, earning votes, rather than on users constantly checking the witness rankings, and their votes, is a much more sensible and rewarding approach. End of the day those focusing on the UX thing also count on laziness in voting, count on receiving witness votes which are more often than not changed. There is indeed psychology at work. But to each their own.


Let's agree to disagree.

That list is helpful, at least if there is a system in place that alerts tagged users. I am new, still have to get a bit more familiar with the platform and how systems work, but like it so far.

@howhigh is right, being a witness is something you do when you feel you want to support the platform and have the (financial) resources to do so.

Having active witnesses is important for all blockchains. Witnesses will come and go, but it is important to keep the active ones at the top of the list.

In fact I posted on the same matter before I started reading new posts.

Being a witness is a fragile position, every witness will experience that at some point. You can do as little as say something the wrong way, or address someone the wrong way, unintended and you lose votes. That is something you will have to live with. Don't stop being you though. Show people they can count on you.

Let's make this platform grow, together.


Wa-Hey man! Let's Grow Together is one of my favorite catchphrases for this platform - Simply brilliant double entendre for an online/blockchain cannabis community :)
Thanks for keeping up the standards all, and reminding others how their actions do contribute to the platform, even simple things like maintaining votes correctly/voting on ACTIVE participation (like running BP node). Big Thanks again.

In a moment will update

  ·  last year

Hey @easyrider. I have update my votes and romove the inactive ones ,, Thanks for the heads up

Thanks for the remind @easyrider I will update my witness votes 😊


Much Love, Thank You!

I check my witness list once a month. I don't just give out my votes but once a month I will remove witnesses that have deactivated their witness. I vote for witnesses that are actively engaging with the community. I think I currently have about 12 votes left.


many thanks for your support, I have seen your vote come in earlier. i do think it is right, I'm just saying to people to check up on why a witness is disabled, and reshuffle their votes to active ones ... it makes sense more from technology than anything to make a proper consensus on the blockchain. Some have taken my earlier comment about 'not seeing the disabled XX weeks' entries look ugly as the reason. To be clear people, it is not because it makes things look tidy, it also just means we have a strong consensus securing the blockchain (aka more secure, fast).