New servers ordered

in #witness
25 days ago

Witness @easyrider has just put in an order for a couple of phat and punky VPS servers located in UK, and awaits them to be provisioned as we speak.


Bandwidth : 400Mbps unlimited traffic
Location: UK, Tier-1 datacenter
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

  • 4 vCores CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB SSD

Witness node, backup node and public API to be built on them for

Sorry I've been away too long, it's complicated. Target to be back as active/backup witness for you in T -5 days.

As I said I'd be back, I never left .... ;)

Love and Missed you all!


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Nice one! Good work :)

Welcome back @easyrider

Let’s all do a little trading on ...


Looking into that also!


They seem to be having issues with Smokelink .... getting updated at the moment. Stay tuned

Excellent. Smoke is still going strong.


For the 8 people that use it, yes. LOL. The circle jerk continues while the asset depreciates. It sure is going strong! Strongly down the toilet. ;-)


haven't looked really as yet. i know the growth wasn't spectacular and i've waited long as a result particularly as some other conditions had to exist - including doing this purely on spare resources and my own funds. (Those other conditions happening now, also have potential to be good for SMOKE btw). Hope to see if my small contribution can help in anyway, and motivate myself to do so with a BP. Thanks. Keep up the great circle-jerking everyone! Stay off the FUD tablets, they make you look a right neg-head.

hosting provider slow 48 hours promised activation and still locked. :(