Easyrider Witness Update Report 4th July 2019: Top 20 Active BP

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2 years ago

Happy 4th July America!

Having realised I didn't post anything for a while, thought it would be best to update you all on my witnessing, which has been going on in the background the entire time.

Node is running on a small VPS and ready to expand/upgrade anytime the network and activity here on SMOKE grows. We're gonna need a lot more users before this happens, however my witness is for sure ready to ramp up to any specs when the time comes.

Flatter than a witches t*t

As the following reports demonstrate, it's very smooth out there.





One outage, 22 missed blocks

Running now for almost 2 months, last outage was detected lasting only 7 mins. It was likely related to some Internet glitch, as I could not see anything wrong the server and all processes were running. An uptimerobot.com monitor I'd setup with a Telegram API, informed me of the outage and by the time I checked the incident had cleared itself up.

I will try to use my curation every day

I haven't posted anything of late, because work and other commitments have taken precedence to ensure this also continues running smoothly. I'm leaving the Cannabis posts aside to focus on other projects, which also ensures my own security and this witness can continue. Normally quite consistent although I might have missed the past few days, when I get the chance, I do dive in and UpSmoke around 10-15 posts every day. Or, as many as possible to maintain voting power around 80%. Recommend it to all, as a semi-passive way of growing your SMOKE stash, as the curation payouts are fantastic, and grow your UpSmoke value in a positive loop. I'll try to do more ReSmokes too.


AKA - I'll try to drop some major update, report, or at least one post per month on SMOKE for now, until I have more 'material' to work with than shitty black-market bricks

From a few blocks per hour outside top 20

Maybe it is cheating, but this is a really easy way when I have a browser open, to select the bookmark and check up on my witness production. Page loads in few seconds, and I can do anytime in the day to see if things are running. Up until few days ago, above shows a typical hourly production for a backup witness. Despite being just outside the top 20 positions, I am now 22, I am often seeing activity of full witness production.

A quick check on the witness top 20 reveals that 2 have been disabled as of some time already. This explains why my witness appears to currently have switched to full block production as opposed to backup.

Until today, we appear to be acting as a main (Top 20) witness.

View from the CLI wallet <.h3>

22 missed blocks in all time. That's a decent low number for now, I pray to have all my VPS server payments kept up to date, as this is the biggest risk to any stop in production it seems after 54 days of stability!

Thanks for reading, consider updating your Witness votes and removing any (even temporarily) on witnesses that have gone offline (status disabled).


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get_witness ;-)


yup, thanks for that!

I would like to give you the translation into Spanish, it's incredible


You are welcome to make your own post, use tag 'witness' and mention @easyrider and I'll boost it with some SMOKEBIT ... or @cryptoninja.guru if you want to post on Steemit or WLS. Thank you :)

Drop me another comment here if you do, or I might never see it ok ....

Good work. Thank you.

Smooth as a babies behind? lol jk!!