Red Neck Solutions 😅

10 months ago

I had myself a good weekend but while I was away my #witness rig was having issues. So let’s start with that ...



I had a power outage ... @d00k13 is alive but @onelovesmoke has wallet/key issues and since not currently operating as a full node I will wait to mess with it ... previous issues with UI coming back to haunt ... flippin Ubuntu I am not certain how to set the system up to start when power comes back on and allow external connection immediately ... always gets stuck on asking for wallet/key permissions at start ... solution for me and what I hope to do may be a windows base with VM’s for nix 🤦‍♂️

I will get to it but this week has been focused on getting a huge project I have been working on done, Chelsea & Forests wedding video! This thing is the most important to me right now and is even trumping going out for my usual smoking ...

Happy Anniversary Highlights

They get a kick out of seeing me post it all over LOL they said the kids feel famous seeing themselves on YouTube LOL the ceremony video I hope to have done by today 🤞


Redneck Solutions 😎

I grew up learning how to make use of the things around me to accomplish whatever mischievous task I had set before myself. Seems as if not much has changed 😝 not having much for money to put towards anything right now I used what was around me.

Two LED lights I was using for stream lighting became lighting for the grow box made from my unboxing table(still functional). The grow box is just a freezer box with a hole cut in the side. Extendable curtain rod and some tinfoil for light reflection. Couple boards and an extension cord.

Walla ... Red Neck #Grow Box ... 😜

Issue is they have started to setup construction on the balcony side of my apartment, once I have the one clone for the tetrapak challenge planted I will find homes for my seedlings which got cooked a few times on the balcony ... found out hard way this weekend it acts like a little greenhouse without keeping any moisture 🤦‍♂️ anyways I have been scouring the recycling bins for a container as I refuse to buy a the drink to participate ... lol frugal as fuck at times 🤣🤣🤣


This week I chose to go with @unnamed’s post about Privex ... seeing as I just missed the window of curation I will send 420 SMOKE to both @RelayLogix & @BrettBlue for having followed up with engagement, thank you guys!

So ... this week on the Happy Hemp Day show ... I honestly haven’t got the foggiest what I’m gonna do yet. I know every week I can count on @grahamsvorten to bring some excellent news to our attention which maybe this week I will follow up more directly on that with a solid segment of curation? We will see 😉 maybe someone will show up for a guest appearance ...

Blah ... back to editing now that pre-rendering is done ...

Till Next Time Smokers

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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So awesome! The Tpak challenge is right up your alley!


I know right ... just gotta find me a container ... days are ticking by looks like im gonna have to buy one LOL ohh well

Just keep all issues solve after all important events to do with. Keep posting.


If only it was always that simple 😅

I like to reuse and recycle, is it really a redneck thing to do? Hah :P


Watch a little Red Green and I think you will get it 🙄