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We Should All Be Well Aware Of How To Start A Smoke Power Down

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I assume you have clicked around a bit doing your own research but have come up short on how to monitor or stop a smoke power down once started just like myself.

I want to start out with emphasizing I implore everyone to become familiar with the workings of our #blockchain. Some aspects of #wallet function require launching the github cli_wallet application as you will see from this post requiring my previous experience with witnessing and cli_wallet interactions. For purpose of keeping this post on topic I will refer you too @bbq-iguana's walk-through on How To Launch A Smoke Witness in PDF format as a reference of how to install cli_wallet. In a future post I will write up how to launch a cli_wallet from windows enabling nearly anyone to perform all available wallet commands.

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13K liquid for Sponsorship and power down stopped

I had a slight scare, when smashing that power down of nearly everything I had staked so I could get liquid enough to Sponsor I realized when looking there is no stop button 😅. Knowing that there must be an alternative to investigate/communicate with the blockchain I searched for tools... I found none that actually allows submission of the command to the blockchain on your behalf as does on your behalf for starting the powerdown in the first place.... so what is there?

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Smoke Network Tools

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Monitoring Witness Votes

Thank You Everyone For The Continued Support 💖

Unrelated But Valuable Tool by @BBQ-Iguana allowing users to investigate who votes who's witness on the Smoke Blockchain.

Account Details & Activity

This Is Our Only Real Way Of Monitoring Account Details by @Trees having everything we really need in one place the only thing it is missing for intensive purposes is the ability to interact with the blockchain.

Cli_Wallet Application

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Our Only Option For Stopping A Smoke Power Down is the Cli_Wallet Application on The Smoke Network GitHub which will run from Linux and Mac OS(if I am not mistaken) allowing for all available wallet interactions. I am not fully aware as of yet which are disabled but I know for certain the power down command works for both starting and stopping.

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How To Stop A Smoke Power Down

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This is super simple and one command, once inside the setup Cli_Wallet of course, for both starting and stopping a power down just with different vesting values. Inside an unlocked wallet with active key imported to stop a power down enter the below code replacing "username" with your username minus the @ symbol.

The Command:

withdraw_vesting username "0.000000 VESTS" true

Example: withdraw_vesting d00k13 "0.000000 VESTS" true You will know it is successful once you see the output from the Cli_Wallet application from the image above

PS I found out after the fact of originally writing this post I can simply stop a power down by selecting 0 on the power down slider directly from my wallet on SMH ... see comments for details LOL

From there you can head over to the main Wallet and look in the history for further confirmation or use the lookup tool by @Trees listed in tools section above.

Any further questions or topics that you think need to be covered feel free to drop a comment down below 👌

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In your regular wallet, if you click powerdown and set it to zero, that will replace all previous powerdowns and stop them.


Seriously??? LOL I always learn the hard way 🤦‍♂️

Well it is still a valuable lesson say the front end is down 😅


Ha ha.... that’s good to know man. Thanks man.


I know right... so simple it should have dawned on me SMH


Good to know! If I ever decide to power down, I'll know how to stop it after I've gotten the amount I want. Thank you both for the tips. : ) I don't see a need to power down for a good while though. Seems more solid to let it build and hope that one day it's value goes up a good bit!


Agreed thus the emphasis on the post is how to stop a power down 😝 I feel kinda silly for having gone through all that with the slider able to do the same dang thing... I should have clued in when I noticed the wallet command is the same and simply sets the withdrawal amount to zero 😅

I am a living lesson for all of you 😘


I didn’t even notice the slider at 1st.... just tried to type a zero and it wouldn't work. Was able to enter “5” then I noticed the slider could take me to zero ....