[Have You Noticed New Witnesses?] First Approved #HappyHempDay Location - Smogging

last year

Above is my video from earlier this week and much has evolved since then!

Let's Just Fire It Up Smokers!

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The things discussed in the video above can be found written here Happy Hemp Day Everyone so lets move on to what I am now thinking about!

I have had some private talks with people currently on the chain, people whom I am excited about joining the witness ranks! People I believe deserve the same recognition as myself at the minimum! Patiently I wait for one to come online 😅

No Rush, Take Your Time!

It is up to you to give the announcement this is just my excitement written for the upcoming celebration 🎉

All good things take time, I didn’t think about witnessing till @graylan kinda talked me into it then @techcoderx gave me the reassurance it was within my abilities 😅 those my boys and without them much of what I do would fail.... they are silent witnesses here as are many which do development. I assume many of our top ranked witnesses are involved in things which supersede anything fathomable but maybe that is just my perception of witnesses, I still look up to you all.

Alright, Cam your in the top 10. When are you going to stop looking up to the people your surrounded by?

Never? This is my way! Hate me and scrutinize me I will find something within you I can honor and love but that does not mean I always agree or follow! Scary thing is even the worst person on this platform I have found something too look up to, taking decisive action.. on that one I shall go no further as the outcome I don’t think is as intended...

Is this not the idea of a community?

As witnesses is not our trust in one another rather in the non trust of each other?

Trust what you prove to be rather then blind trust*, I’d like to think I’ve proven to be a passionate pothead 😅 so in some respects online social blockchain platforms are more of a anti-community grouping of mutually aligning self proven individuals. The question remains... Cam, who are you and what do you do!

I don’t mean that in the physical sense... online world here and I think this may be where someone has misinterpreted me as untrustworthy and a liability though I do agree I can be a bit of an idiot... rather as in a new developing digital space terminology related to the space need be considered within context. Who are you and what do you do, is in reference to the chain! When things are corrected it is pretty obvious that multiple layers come into play, it’s not just one person and I’m simply still finding where my cog fits in that machine! What I know for certain is it does not fit on the progressive development level. Still a community right? Well I feel as if I may have found where my cog fits and it’s not quite where I have been trying to jam it for the last few months.

I like the idea of hosting contests, I enjoy many aspects of learning to code but I need to face facts.... I’m a bit of a free floater 😅 in my fathers words “overly versatile” and it’s not for lack of dedication but singular focus. The question remains what will I see through to the end 😉 that may rely on who I can partner with on the ideas. My strength could be considered blind faith, OneLoveDTube came to be that way. A really troubled soul led us into the beginnings of our biggest achievement as a community... ohh PolyTox your name says it all, I wish you well brother 😘... just reinforces my belief we all have a position to fill even those we may not care converse with!

So I am excited to say, hopefully if everything goes well, we will soon have a few new witnesses amongst the ranks all of which we know well for having a presence on the platform. Even more exciting news is the potential new witness I may have stumbled upon today...

More of that in my next video I am about to go record having finally gotten the video above together from earlier in the week... my biggest promotional move yet with a multiple location business chain 😉 word of mouth is my strength and I am full of hot air in RL 😎 strange part I have yet to figure out is why people listen...

❤️ 👈 May have something to do with it 😘

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I know I switch gears a lot and that is my way, I wish not to lock myself into anything specific and it seems my skills are best put to the streets. Lead by example right? Well I’m going full on promotion, I will use what is available on the platform as points of interest such as what ever @TecnosGirl is doing with her swag along with promotional efforts of @GrahamSvorten & @Offgrid in conjunction with @Chipanda's artwork. This is news to them as well since the idea has been festering in the back of my mind till today, I’ve hinted but not out right stated it!

Partners We Are simply by being like minded our paths have aligned and through that I hope to build something we can get momentum behind.

Yes, I have many interests and video is a huge one, I never put down an idea forever as they are all written down! My interests here lay in exercising and growing as a person and within my skills. Where that leads me only time will tell.

I have stated many times what I learned for and from STEEM & DTube but what I shy away from stating is the extra little push I needed in the tough times came from here! The community here and I am a community man, that should be proven.

I took that step into video creation I had been putting off, started knocking through my list... you have seen bits of it no longer cross posted... stepped into original content per platform... learned Linux which I fought with in school so I dropped that class always intending to learn.... and much more... if you have followed me then you have heard tidbits...

So you know while I feel empowered I feel indebted to the platform and it’s users. Brutally honest is my way, sorry if that throws red flags now and again but please know I mean well and I am doing my part in a physical sense for the platform. I could create all sorts of funky graphics, host a contest and give away smoke, promote on the social media space all with limited results or I can get behind our users projects and bring them to the streets of Victoria where recreational use is legal. Canada’s capital city where we have cruise ships during the summer and you know those tourists will wants some distractions while they visit! Maybe take home something interesting from a shop or two.

I now have 2 business’s allowing me to drop off whatever basically whenever with approval of design. One of which covers multiple locations and the shop owner has gone over the top with helping to spread the #happyhempday word, he wants more cards to help distribute through people he knows! I seem to be building that community but this time not just a online one and starting with people I already know 👌 one aspect that has always been missing for me is the RL relationships.

I have long had a dream of doing exactly what I am now, being a influencer of sorts. Not for the fame but for the outcome, for the sense of belonging to something more. Why would I speak of my legacy if I was not proud of its outcome? I wish to know I was a part of some positive change in the world which leads me to doing things for the greater good even if self detrimental at times....

😘 Love You All

We Will Smoke There Together

LOL froze my mobile out walking and thinking then recording waiting for it to charge so I can upload images its a cold night here in Canada ✌ one more update to come LOL look out chain bloat

#smoking #promote

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind?
For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out?
I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord

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I try to recruit without mentioning the rewards till the end. Oh and as a bonus you get piad in a crypto called smoke that can be traded for other cryptos that can be sold for fiat currencies. AD based social media censors cannabis content. Smoke.io is especially for cannabis content and talk.

This is great news..... upsmoked and resmoked. You are already a Huge Smoke.io Influencer ..... you are influencing and motivating us all to get out there and spread the Good News of Smoke.io


you are influencing and motivating us all to get out there and spread the Good News of Smoke.io

You hit the nail on the head right there, why not build with what we have at arms reach? For people like us where the legalization opens the door to conversation we can freely discuss and not fear retribution the challenge remains the segway into use of our platform... this is what I am hoping to work on through trial and error as I am curious myself how to be more effective at promotion... with physical promotion I can get genuine feedback to improve upon and pass on for everyone else 👍

I don't say we for nothing!

Simple designs are always best if it is too busy it won't speak to people.

It is a cannabis social media platform is how you explain it. Tell them read the white paper on the site.

I think you are free indeed! You are very light hearted and seem to enjoy life as much as you can. It is good to see. :)