Community is Our Strength #SmokeNetwork

6 months ago

Interview with @RelayLogix #SmokeNetwork Witness speaking of his experiences with our platform. Starting with what lead him to being interested and how that evolved into becoming a witness. We discuss his ongoing projects and future plans of development meanwhile highlighting how the community of our platform is our strongest asset!

We are all excited to see what is to come in the near future!

The #HappyHempDay show is hosted each wednesday on #GreenHouseRadio Online at 4PM PST

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Appreciate the spotlight @d00k13, it takes us all, can’t wait to meet more witnesses!


Your welcome bro, glad to give you the opportunity to air your position on things ... if you ever want to get a message out just let me know and I’ll have you on air anytime you like 👍 could even do the prerecord thing if timing is an issue.

Loved Lord’s series. One of the people who also had some great grow logs was @lamanoverde.


Good to know I plan to start sharing the best of the best authors even if no longer active on the FB page starting with lord & writer 👌

Great interview :) and you're absolutely right, community is our strenght!


Thanks buddy, hope to be able to do a few more of these ... get insights from those we all look to for guidance 👍

I seen him in person. And no we didn't know each other before and met up for a meet up and smoke out.


That was a bomb meetup!


Lucky bastard 😘


I too hope one day to do the same 🤞 lucky bastard 🤣🤣🤣