We have become witness! [We are celebrating by giving SMOKE]

last year

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Hello Friends and Smokers, readers and jokers!

Long time no hear as far as some news from us. What is new?

We have became witness and plan on staying one!

As some of you already know and have voted for us, we appreciate it and thanks! As for those that haven', we would like if you can head off HERE and vote. We are in the top 50 list so you can easily find us, if we are not mistaken, 36th at the moment of writing this post.
We are aware that most of the people hare have no idea they can vote, we would encourage you to do so. As main motive here is to earn smoke, this approach is sometimes beneficial.
we will be paying 10 SMOKE per vote.

What you need to do is:

  • Head over to witness page and vote for us
  • Put the screenshot of that red circle in comments
  • Earn SMOKE
  • Profit?
Thank you for your support and see you in our contests and "Interactive posts"!


Who are Crypt☮Sm☮kers?

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Please, do not forget that you can vote for us as witnesses.

You can click HERE if you still haven't.


#contest #cryptosmokers @cryptosmokers

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Congrats. It’s taken a while but all good things come with time. 🤘


Exactly It!!! Took me 9 months away to come back as a witness 😅


Heh. Took me three months between registering and first post. Two weeks later we were up and running tho, first had to get partners in crime involved too.

Psy probably knows what I was referring to in my comment tho. :D


Seems like that’s the cool thing to do 😅 I did a couple posts then disappeared 😉

If it wasn’t for techcoderx and graylan helping me with the IPFS node I may never have tackled the Smoke witness 💪

Vote buying is frowned upon IMHO. I did do a contest, to update votes, but with complete freedom on who people voted for. Agreed education is important, and it's a fun part of having your own little piece of ownership on the network - that is what DPoS blockchains are all about.

Vote buying is corruption, no matter how you try and dress it up.


It is not corruption, it is bribe...
Yes, it might not be ethical or morally accepted, but that's life.
What if we say it is not buying, that it is donations. 😅


Not ethically or morally unacceptable, and you want everyone to vote on your witness? Bribes are not corruption? Just get the hell out.


Clearly, it was meant to be joke. It is clear with emoji. Now, we are not the first one to do this, nor we are last...as a matter of fact, you did it as well, but you have excuse, right?

You don't need to vote for us, we will keep our vote for you, as this is not about individuals but community.

Sry for misunderstanding.

Edit: we would like for people to vote for us that appreciate what we do here, at least try. Next step was this and we are gladly spreading out smoke because that smoke came from people we are giving back. Also, this is not the first time we are giving it out.

Would you say that all contests for coins are milking the chain? Not acceptable as well...and still they are good for engagement, interaction and progress.

Is there anything we can do to make things right in your opinion? We thought this would be the best way to climb the ladder. It would be waste not to get to top list and have witness running with all the disabled ones.


First would not be to joke about being a witness. I gave an incentive yes, for anyone that made an effort to update their voting slates and with zero obligations to vote on my witness. (and right now they can also hold vote back until I get mine back online). Thank you .


Don't tell someone to get the hell out, that's mean lol.


Oops ... you are right it was a bit mean/rude. Carry on guys we do need well run witness servers ... you don’t need to do vote buying. Little bit of a personal thing now I think about it - from what I’ve seen in my time living in Southeast Asia and politics/corruption here. I still don’t agree with vote incentive unless it is really transparent and neutral - pay people to vote but let them pick the winners is ok .... peace out.
P.S. my witness will very likely be back online tomorrow.

Congrats Guys (and Gals) you really deserve and suitable to be a great witness.

May you witness all kinds of good smoke blessings to this awesome network!


We hope so too!

Voted for you

It's a shame so many witnesses are deactive, would be nice to have a list of all active witnesses.


There are no active witnesses outside the list. Thanks for the vote...

Congrats! Just placed my vote, good luck.


Congrats! I should return to the platform soon, as soon as I find myself a place to live... Looking forward to your curation and posts!



Stay safe man 👍

Congrats my friend welcome to the ranks 🙌

I did vote you but no need to send me smoke 😉


Need is one thing, wanting to is other. Smoke is on your way!


True that! Much appreciated 👌

I voted you as witness yesterday / Congrats.
Keep the good work.


Thank you Mr Counsellor. Your engagement in our server is amazing. Keep it up...

list so you can easily find us, if we are not mistaken, 36th at the moment of writing this post.

35th.....i think i voted for u yesterday....keep d reward


Thanks and keep promoting us with ypur designs!

We can definitely see the progress, from when you started. Still remembering that panel on square, mockup as commercial.

Added you to my witness vote now, really glad to have you as a witness on the chain 💪

Always with Smoke.io and cryptosmokers.. Voted! :)

Congrats! My vote is in there.


Thank you Mr Tree!

Your smoke is on the way!


I feel like I just sold my soul. :D

I will certainly toss you my vote bro. You invited me to #cryptosmokers basically as soon as I found smoke, and you have supported me since!


Appreciated and sent!

Hey! great Job! voted for you. Awesome Bro. Smoke On!


Hope always On and never Off!

Good luck. Just voted for you.


Thanks mate!
Smkme is in wallet

congrats , just voted for you


Welcome to Smoke!


Thanks, just sent you smoke and welcome to the network!


Congratulations 🎊 boss


Just did mine

Voted, you're now in spot 24 👍


Thank you Mister! Nice to see us up there with active ones.


Just did mine. Thump up to you


Sent you smoke. Thanks


Done mine


Congratulation. This is mine


Weldone. I just gave you my vote


Thank you sir, smoke is in your wallet