Witness Application/Intro: Chronocrypto

2 years ago

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Hi I am chronocrypto, a android from Earth 2045,

This is my witness application/intro, I found this platform couple months back. I saw this place and I knew I needed to land my other ship here from steem/whaleshares because I do love Cannabis (cartridge base). Being in the Discord of this community I could tell it is being built by the community the do's and dont's of steemit/wls are already being implemented here for the betterment of the platform.

Projects I am currently in full force in supportive

  • Canna-curate
    I am in the Canna-curate community as well just as of recently though helped out with a promo for them.

Cannabis related content. Breaking trough anachronistic taboos thanks to the Steem Blockchain

Social networks that are decentralized and resistant to censorship, such as Steemit, provide a unique opportunity to debate and promote the content that was kept in the shadows.

@canna-curate is a community of cannabis advocators that is supporting great cannabis-content creators on Steemit. They support from informative posts that have information about the medical benefits of cannabis usage, and there some that teach how to grow organic cannabis for personal usage.

Check out the content promotted by @canna-curate

 @purplemoon @chronocrypto @socialmisfit @maimonides


Witness block/producer

I am currently also a block producer on whaleshares.io
Just yesterday My partner and I released whaled.live it is a mocked up version of steemd but a bit better and we are still improving and adding new features we are actually also creating one for the smoke network. So you can see all your data in a nice and simple platform.

Introducing WhaleD

Based on much of the way steemd was coded. I introduce you to the first Whaleshares data page.

Whaled There are a couple more things to iron out but have a look.

WhaledD is an Application to check the hidden information about a person's account as well as the power of voting power, WLS Power, who will vote on your post, when and how much, WLS transfer, who do you choose to become a witness or witness and many other functions.

To see your page WhaleD The exact way you would see it on https://whaleshares.io

WhaleD has everything you need in regards to WLS blockchain.

you can read about it Here

Creating a SmokeD data base

As stated above we are in the process of porting over a version for Smoke.io

First off lets start off with my Witness Server stats, since Smoke is Still a newborn the server stats are not that drastic but once we start to grow so will the requirements.

SmokeWitness stats

  • 3 GB Memory
  • 60 GB space
  • Ubuntu 16.04

Once the network continues to grow so will the server stats, to fully support the network.

Find me on Discord, Lets explorer this frontier together!!

I am the Robot looking guy.

Smoke Official Discord

✅ Every Single Vote Counts!

Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "chronocrypto" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.

Get 4.2 Free Smoke Power On Sign Up To Start Your Journey On Smoke! The First Cannabis Community That Pays You To Post And Curate Content You Love..
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Done... Voted you as my witness.


I appreciate it vrbts! Lets get our smoke on.

Oh yes!!! @canna-curate!!!



Yes great cannabis community.


I meant to state earlier... voted for you for witness too


Thank you very much!

Welcome and glad to see some people from canna-curate over here. i am trying to get some more to sign up @rawpride is here.


Thank you for the warm welcome, Yea been trying to for a long time as well. Yes I saw rawpride of course he is here.


Yes i got him to sign up past night. Jon tried not sure if he finally got signed up.

Great to have you as a witness for Smoke. Looking forward to the awesome tools and services you will provide the community.


Thank you @powerpics I am glad to be here and thanks for the support.

Welcome!! :)


Thanks man.

That's amazing man. I voted for you!


Thank you, I appreciate it.

Nice to meet here man, have known you from whaleshares and now smoke, nice we share like-minds so lets high together.


Hey Jessica glad to have you on smoke and WLS yes like-minds and lets. touch the clouds.


I got some catching up to do. Look forward to working together soon!


I am as well looking forward brother.

Nice one here @chronocrypto, you're welcome on board and let do this together, make the platform a better place for us all. About the smokeD DAPP that will be awesome and I can't Wait to start using it. More fun bro.


More tools/platforms on the way.
SmokeD is out looks hella cool.

A smoked tool could be really nice to see things like your own maximum voting power for the day. I'll PM you


It sure is and it came out nice, apologies for the late replies.

You are all over the place my brother! Lets get that network smoking together!


I love being in communities I want to help grow, and well smoke is my baby since I need cannabis.

So I will help build this platform/community.

Thank you for the shoutout.