Canna-Curate Has It's Witness Set back up!

3 months ago


So folks, Canna is back! Well technically we never left, but we got some stuff figured out, and I am happy to report that our Witness is back up and running. So our plan is simple, curate great cannabis content, and help grow Smoke! Also stay tuned for Mr @jackdub is going to start writing up a weekly re cap for Smoke, via the Canna account. Since Smoke is small right now, most posts get visibility. So with the recap we are going to pick our 3 favorite Smoke posts for the week, and pay 42 smoke to each person who made the recap. We will need the community's help with this. So we want you to submit a post you fell is worthy for the recap in the Canna Dicord. Just drop it in the #smoke-nomination-post channel. So lets have some fun, and let's all grow together! Also please consider giving one of your witness votes to Canna-Curate

#canna-curate #witness #community #grow

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Never stopped voting for ya'll! #canna-curate for life!

I should join this discord server

Nice to see some activity your way!

Ah nice man, I'll get to curating - put up those #canna-curate tags :)

Voted as witness

welcome back!




Fixing it right now