BEYOND BITCOIN EN CASTELLANO: A community driven witness.

3 years ago


We're a team of people that have created and developed a programme of education for the spanish community. For some time, all Bitshares, BeyondBitcoin, EOS and Whaleshares content has not been seen by the spanish spoken community, since the language represents a big barrier difficult to overcome. That is the place where our work makes sense. When content is presented to a person in their native tongue, they feel like a part of a great process! And that is what has brought us here. We put education as a top priority; we are constantly working to develop a critical mindset in people so their capabilities in the crypto space grow and help change the way you see life but, more important, to live it differently. We are an educational gateway for the spanish community and human network builders based on three pillars: Education, Interest and Skill Set.


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A witness is the guardian of the blockchain: being a witness is making sure all transactions on the blockchain go through and it also involves adding/removing new features to the chain itself. It also involves encrypting each block with a hash that secures the blockchain from being altered. In plain men terms a witness is a guarantee that the blockchain is secure.

During the past months, we have developed a solid and healthy community whose members have content related to programmes or services that have helped change their life and obtain positive results. This invested time has helped us understand the importance of organization. We work in groups and give results efficiently. Due to this, our experience into building Beyond Bitcoin Castellano has let us have a wider vision on necessities, but not only for the spanish community. We thrive to be, not only a gateway for the spanish community, but also for everyone wanting to educate themselves about this marvelous crypto world!


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Having the A say in the decision-making has a large impact on users. As a witness we owe ourselves to the people: we want to be the voice of their ideas, dreams and desires. To be honest, that is an incredible experience, having the chance to reward talent and value in people who work hard to share digital content. Our community was encouraged by @officialfuzzy's vision and supported not just by him, but by a really imppresive and professional team. @krazykrista, @baabeta, @powerpics, @bbq-iguana, thank you for providing us the posibility to rule our present and to dream for a better future.

We now have the time to take our work into a more specific environment, and a great chance this is: SMOKE NETWORK. For a long time societies have censored and secretly taken decisions that not necessarily meant our well being as populations, as communities. This is why having a voice matters, this is where being supported and encouraged really makes a difference into a blockchain's development; BeyondBitcoinCas now has a weapon to give more power to a long time excluded and very wide espectrum of people. Those who rock, those who jam, those who chill. We are in debt to many, but this time it will be a chance to not just give back: we will deliver a chance to be seen, a power to make your voice valuable.

We are going to work for everyone's voice, and again, not just for the spanish community. Beyond Bitcoin Castellano will serve as a bridge between education, research and the awareness that this new time and blockchain requires. We will make sure that everyone knows about the Smoke Network but, taking into consideration its best use, encouraging good practices and how we can leverage it to be able to provide more insight and empower ourselves as supporters of this movement fueled by Cannabis that SMOKE.IO is.

Everyone can be the fire that ignites and keeps a smoking blockchain!


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As time goes by, we have evolved as a community: content has transformed, formats have improved, and interaction has grown to such an extent that now community members have started to contribute with their abilities, causing the wheel to maintain itself in a fantastic fashion. It is all thanks to you and your interest that we continue building and reaching new horizons.

BBCas has generated an excellent synergy with its members and supporters contributing to that goal. There are promising ideas, inspiring desires, worthy causes, and without exception, all of them have a solid and strong team behind, which arduously work to reach and deliver those premises, incorporate more people and generate valuable ideas. Each of you has led us to dream about new challenges. These are essential elements, where the hispanic community has found new areas of growth, so if you don’t know us yet, you should!

We are happy to see that this growth doesn’t have limits, and that each week, new ideas and perspectives emerge from within the community members, who aren’t afraid of wishing a different future; they do not only dream, they also believe it'll be a reality, and we desire to water, grow and blossom that reality. Not forgetting about putting it to dry afterwards ;)

In this regard, BBCas will not abandon its original labor, because this is precisely the reason why we are a now a witness. We intend to continue creating spaces of knowledge for the hispanic community, but now, with a lot more strength and energy, our goal is to challenge the community: defy them to grow, to build and to develop new spaces, allowing them to approach the future they desire. To be there for all of you and to give you support.

With this new perspective of reality, and taking the responsibility with Whaleshares into consideration, we want to be a value-generating window, talent promoters and content creators bridge, people with view and critical mindsets, specialized and mainly, endowed with the necessary data to participate in any crypto environment or ecosystem.

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Don't forget to join our Discord server, always at your service, because our watch never sleeps: fortunately.

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Glad to see you here. I see what you do for the community across the crypto space and should be proud to have you on their platform. You will definitely be getting my witness vote.

From a good background it would seem and we need diligent witnesses around, ok I'm voting for you ;)
That's a solid post, it needs adding as your witness thread url

bbcas..Saludos, camaradas...

i'm new, searching good post, your post is so informaiton ,best info