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5 months ago

Hi Smoke Fam,

Hope all are high in life and doing great! It's been a while I posted. I have been flying high in clouds(you could assume that I'm happy) with bunch of stuffs.

Witness Server Running Smooth and Producing Blocks

My witness server and backup server are running smoothly without any issues. I have one server on digital ocean($20 a month) and one server on vultr($20 a month) , both of them have firewall set up and on vultr I have also added DDoS protection($10 a month) to prevent any insider/outsider attack.

Also, pWP is being used to monitor the nodes(in addition to Telegram witness monitor) and switch them if there is a need.


A new member will join our family in about 4 months

source: unsplash
One of the major reason for me to post less on smoke is because of couple of reason. My wife @bgw is pregnant and I'm taking care of all her needs. Most of you might wonder what's the big deal in this as she is just 5 month into her pregnancy. But this is our first time, so we don't know a thing about it and want to take utmost care.

She has stopped cannabis consumption since the news mainly because we are in a State where it's illegal to consume it and we can't disclose it to doctor if a problem arises. So we both decided not to smoke/take any kind of THC during this phase.

Another reason for me to post less is due to high work load at my day job.

Irrespective of these, I continue to monitor my witness node and not letting my personal life events impact my witness server operations. As we have a major role as a witness to stay active 365 days of the year producing blocks, that priority is on top always. So I have taken all measures to keep a close eye on how my nodes are doing and take actions if unforeseen events do occur.

My extra curricular smoke.io work as witness

I was learning smoke python and smoke java script libraries in first couple of months. Due to the work load this has taken a step back. However, I will continue to learn as and when I get free time, and contribute something good to the platform apart from producing blocks and doing curation

Also, as I mentioned earlier, currently we are located in a place where it's illegal to consume/grow cannabis. However, in an year or two if things go fine, we would be looking to relocate to California or Canada. If that works out fine, I intend to start a part time business that would involve buy/sell goods for smoke token(this is just a long term vision, I'm yet to take steps towards making this a reality)


We are a witness on smoke.io( @betgames) if you think we(me and my wife) can spread joy here and support community, please consider voting for “betgames” as witness .
if you decide to support, visit https://smoke.io/~witnesses and vote for @betgames

Love and good wishes from @betgames and @bgw !!
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As I said before man this is awesome news, and congrats to you and @bgw on the new adventure you will have


Thank you buddy :-)