Welcome New Witnesses

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last year


No , not that kind!

After the recent stalling of the smoke.io blockchain due to a lack of witnesses it is great to see some early recruiting of new witnesses. I understand there are also some current members that will be jumping into the witness role as well. I assume we may hear from the shortly but wanted to make everyone aware so that they can support them.

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Voted for them all. Welcome aboard. Let’s keep Smoke going.

Thanks, updated my witness votes

Can’t find @JohnGault though ...... Who is John Gault ? Is it @JohnGalt ?


yes, my bad. I typed it wrong. It is @johngalt

LOL, sounds familiar. Good to see new witnesses join

Done except could not vote for @johngault?

Anyways I am working on getting my backup witness @onelovesmoke online.... currently watching blocks but must have missed something as I am not producing with it yet 😅 and cannot vote for the account either?


Did you do the witness meta data update?


just not accepting it.... I think I goofed something at the beginning of the wallet and will be starting it over from scratch 🤦‍♂️

Started following @velvet-elvis & @johngalt - will consider voting for them once they post an introduction post 👍