State of the Witnesses #26 - ⭐️⭐️SPECIAL EDITION ⭐️⭐️

2 years ago

📄 What is 'State of the Witnesses' ?

State of the witnesses will be a regular update provided to the community on the status of the witnesses. The intent is to keep members informed of what is happening on the platform and what witnesses are doing. It is important that members of the community vote for witnesses that represent them and are driving the platform in the right direction. These updates are not intended to be all inclusive, but should only be a portion of the information used for your decision making.

In addition to the overall status, each update will also feature one witness in the "Witness Spotlight". This will allow the community to get a deeper look into the person/group behind the witness and how they play a part in

📰 Current Update

I am taking a little different approach this report and digging into a few things a little deeper. I will focus only on the top 23 witnesses as all others have been disabled for at least 2 months.

Last report pointed out the instability of the @grow-op witness and the fact that it had been going on for many weeks.

There is some activity that I would like to make members aware of. @grow-op has been missing a substantial number of blocks over the last month (1215 last report / 1327 this report). These are NOT misses from a witness node being down and after 24hr would cause it to be auto disabled, but rather a running witness node that is consistently missing blocks in spurts. This also effects neighboring witness nodes and causes them to miss blocks. A substantial number of the missed blocks by witnesses with single digit misses can be attributed to this neighbor effect. This can go on indefinitely if not resolved. I have attempted to reach out in the witness discord and @cannaweedness buzzed them 5 days ago. While @grow-op remains in the top 20 every witness rotation is exposed.

A short time after the last report the witness node finally fell into a window of enough missed blocks to be auto disabled by the chain. Unfortunately a few days later the node was activated WITHOUT addressing the instability issue. This was reckless by the witness and demonstrated a lack of concern for the chain. Fortunately it only lasted a few days and was auto disabled again.

It also has become evident that total missed blocks from one report to another does not provide the whole picture. So for the last 10 days I have monitored missed blocks by day. This has identified 3 more witnesses that demonstrate instability. @cannaweedness, @trees & @cryptosmokers continue to miss blocks regularly. A check of previous reports will show that all 3 of these witness have most likely been this way for months.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 7.50.38 AM.png

Not only does this instability put the chain at risk, but it is also effecting other witnesses. It is very likely the witnesses that have missed a single block (or maybe 2 if they were unlucky) was caused by being a neighbor to one of these unstable witnesses in the given rotation.

I find a node demonstrating instability more troublesome than witnesses that miss large amount of blocks at one time. As can be seen in the chart, those who miss large sums at one time address the problem and run clean after while unstable nodes go on for months.

Missed Blocks

Witnesses that have missed 10 or more blocks since last report are:

@cannaweedness (281)
@grow-op (4313)
@subways (1108)
@trees (357)
@ijmmai (16)
@d00k13 (13)
@cryptosmokers (191)

📣Call Out

I apologize for the long list of users. If you are called out below you have an active vote for one or more of the witnesses discussed above. Please review the information provided and determine if you want to change your witness votes.

@a4illusionist, @abugrak, @acid, @adelepazani, @airdropper21, @albertvhons, @aleksandr, @alexander, @alf5271, @alibi, @alwaysbaked, @amberyooper, @andrej-cibik, @anmitsu, @anomadsoul, @armshippie, @aronexxon, @arsenal49, @asher, @avesatani, @azizbd, @baabeetaa, @badripanda, @bapegod757, @barge, @batmankush, @batshitcrazy, @bbtc, @bench, @benwizzy, @berniesanders, @betgames, @bgw, @bigbarrell, @bitcoinparadise, @blackman, @bluntsmasha, @bogdy01, @bongonbro, @boomshankaar, @botkin, @bud, @bundo, @cabinndawoods, @canna-curate, @canna-time, @cannabis, @cannaking, @cannaweedness, @cannibro, @carnot, @carpediem, @cathodion, @cbdking, @celestal, @cephas, @ch3micalburn, @cheeba, @chiraagnd, @chronic, @chronocrypto, @chungtuhung, @cinelonga, @clupo911, @coffeebuds, @comedyopenmic, @crop-duster, @crystalll, @curationbro, @d00k13, @daddydaycare2x, @daio, @dargonx0x, @darian, @darkentia, @darkox, @delta605, @devils-lettuce, @dimarss, @djlethalskillz, @doctordank1114, @dreamon, @dreamteam, @dubem, @easyrider, @edje, @edprivat, @elliot, @empress, @eonwarped, @ericwilson, @erodedthoughts, @evan, @evergreendaniel, @ezautogrow, @fatherfaith, @finest, @fraenk, @freedom, @future24, @futurethinker, @ganjafarmerz, @ganjaman, @gemstone, @gingerninja, @goldbug1450, @goldendawne, @goncalomarqs, @gr8fulmag420, @graylan, @green-der, @grimgriz, @grisaille, @grow-challenge, @grow-op, @growroom, @hash, @haze, @healthiswealth, @hendrisg, @herbdean, @herbncrypto, @herman, @hightimes, @hilton4smoke, @howhigh, @ice, @igooo, @ijmmai, @indaymers, @indica, @ivodim, @jackdub, @jah.witness, @jared28, @jeffguitar, @jegroen, @jeroen240, @jessica, @jezsmith720, @joelagbo, @jonnytracker, @jonyoudyer, @jrswab, @juanmitherobot, @judicar, @jwolf, @kalon, @kamran9953, @kath420, @kaunglay, @kenechukwu, @khushiarvind, @killthecrap, @koh, @kryptik, @kryptowithak, @kwest84, @lamanoverde, @legalize-it, @leweed, @li-art, @libbzter, @lilweezy, @littlej, @llikeszi, @lod, @lordoftruth, @luckyluke, @luismy, @macman45, @maelstrohmblack, @malystasiek, @manish, @marshalllife, @maruf107, @maryjane, @masterthesmoke, @mayb, @mbj, @mcpiglet1986, @menyen, @mermaidvampire, @miixa, @mike, @mikeydoug, @mister-meeseeks, @mjgeeks, @moonblocks, @morpheus, @mota, @mrkva, @mrspacely, @ms-miller, @mstrong90, @murda-ra, @najamfx, @natesbruh, @ndiswags07, @nitroabaz, @nona, @offgrid, @oldmans, @oliverekefre, @oluwastoner, @oodeyaa, @pablo, @pacolimited, @pankso, @pawanregmi28, @pbufkin01, @plug, @pornomaria, @potplucker, @potspoon, @powerpicswitness, @prefazz, @prettynicevideo, @princeola, @project-atlas, @psyceratopsb, @psyo, @quickcash, @rabtai, @raheem, @rajeeb, @rawpride, @raz, @razeiv, @realkiki85, @reazuliqbal, @reefermom, @rekirrac, @relaylogix, @reyvape, @rockzu07, @rodney101, @rpt, @rulesforrebels, @safer15, @samexycool, @sanjular, @santa-sativa, @sarimanok, @satoshinakamoto, @satoshiweedamoto, @scriptkiddy, @sergikmmm, @sharminkona, @sic, @simplisick, @skylinebuds, @slow-mo-zoom, @smoke-news, @smokeasaurusrex, @smokebd, @smokehostel420, @smokeking, @smokepuff, @smoketerzai56, @smokinghedgehog, @smokurator, @spliff, @stash, @stevieh50, @stoner, @stonerboy, @subways, @superbaked, @syedumair, @taintedblood, @taskmanager, @techcoderx, @tecnosgirl, @thedawg, @thegoatog, @therealdesmond, @thethreehugs, @timemaster, @toker, @torvalden, @traciyork, @trader, @treep, @trees, @tulasikr437, @turkishcrew, @txmek, @ufaz, @unnamed, @vampyrlee, @vaped, @vaultec, @vidafitnessfeliz, @voltaichail78, @vrbts, @warlynx, @waybeyondmunchie, @wesal414, @wikileaksonweed, @willspliff, @writer43, @xtetrahedron, @xves, @yakubenko, @yap, @z3ll, @zedge, @zephalexia, @zkahele, @zubairbajwa, @zuculuz

Witness Voting

Witness voting is a responsibility of all member and not just a one time deal. Everyone should make it a habit to regularly review their votes and make adjustments.

If you don't feel comfortable choosing witnesses to vote for you can always choose to proxy your votes to someone you trust who has taken the time to identify witnesses they feel are right for the platform. Go to Witness Voting and scroll down to the bottom and enter in your proxy.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 9.09.18 AM.png

📊 Current Witness Rankings

RankPrev RankOwnerMissed BlocksΔ Missed BlocksVotesWeighted VotesCreated

📰 Witness News!

  • none

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📚 Thanks for Reading!

  • If you found this information helpful, I hope you will consider supporting me (bbq-iguana) for witness.

  • If you are a witness and are doing something to support the community, please use the tag #witness-update in your post and it will be mentioned in Witness News! of the next report.

  • If you are a witness and would like to be featured as Spotlight Witness in a future report, please reach out to me.

✅ Support witnesses that support

Make your support count by going to Witness Voting and setting @bbq-iguana on 🔥!

#stateofthewitnesses #witness-update #witness

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Thanks for the update. If we continue showing up in these reports (annoys the heck out of me), I will have to request if you can have a look at our config because seems we’re missing something somewhere.

Our host recently requested a firewall reconfig but the problem had started before already and it keeps recurring. Eon is reaching out to them now as he doesn’t know either where the issue is.

What’s most annoying is that we had a solid record in first 6 months.

Update: server currently disabled for reconfig. We’ll be back ASAP.
Update 2: we are back and discovered an error with ntpsetting but are still on the verge about possible hosting provider issues. If issues continue we will look at another host.
Update 3: We bit the bullet and are now on a new server, with a new provider. Seems first 12 hours have been going well so far. Let’s hope this issue is now solved because we don’t really view being mentioned in these reports as an “achievement unlocked”.

Updated votes (removed from cryptosmokers and trees.

Haven’t removed vote for cannaweedness as I know if informed they usually work on it. And already saw the response from unnamed! Hope they can solve the issues.


Thanks for the support. We were lucky to be online and make an instant check but... we’re still dropping blocks.

We have previously also tried to optimize performance but... didn’t work either. There’s a point in time when our performance degraded without any known tweaks made by us.

After some internal discussion we decided some hours ago — also due to the track record of host for witnesses on the SMOKE chain (grow-op were previously with them too) — to move hosting provider as hosting issues can often take eons before a host actually acts, especially on a level of 10-15 blocks/day (45 seconds in 24 hours).

We aim to be back at our first 6 months performance ASAP! Time zones may affect when new instance goes up and is test run for few days.

Update: our new config (server) has been up for some hours already. But we are still monitoring.

In past 24 hours I've missed bunch of blocks. Witness had failed to push block error for a few replays + resync from 0. It's back online :)


I will update my voting slate, thanks for this info 👍

We need to find more potential witnesses, perhaps from other graphene chains?

I have updated my votes :)

Thanks for the update, I recently had an issue where I lost connectivity to my Azure storage, it took MS a while to resolve that and when my witness finally came back up I had a corrupted blockchain and I had to delete and re-sync from 0. Many thanks to @murda-ra for all his assistance in identifying the issue and getting my witness back online.