📣 State of the Witnesses #11

2 years ago


📄 What is 'State of the Witnesses' ?

State of the witnesses will be a regular update provided to the community on the status of the Smoke.io witnesses. The intent is to keep members informed of what is happening on the platform and what witnesses are doing. It is important that members of the community vote for witnesses that represent them and are driving the platform in the right direction. These updates are not intended to be all inclusive, but should only be a portion of the information used for your decision making.

In addition to the overall status, each update will also feature one witness in the "Witness Spotlight". This will allow the community to get a deeper look into the person/group behind the witness and how they play a part in Smoke.io.

📰 Current Update

Witness are dropping like flies and it shows that when times are good many people are willing to jump on the witness bandwagon. But the true supporting witness are starting shine through as even when times are bad they see the value in the platform and continue to keep their witnesses running when it is not profitable. With 15 disabled witnesses in the top 50, many of them disabled for many months now, the effort I have made to trying and get members to remove voters has become futile. I guess the best approach going forward is to encourage members to keep the top 20 witnesses as active. We have seen a lot of very exuberant witness come on board with a bang and then disappear later down the road. I would suggest everyone consider voting for witnesses that have a solid track record of being active for many months. These are the witness that are here for the long haul and not just looking to capitalize on the project when times are good. Reward these long standing witnesses with your votes.

Missed Blocks

Top 20 Witnesses that have missed 5 or more blocks since last report are:

@murda-ra (480)
@jrswab (6)
@trees (42)
@canna-curate (19)

📊 Current Witness Rankings

RankPrev RankOwnerMissed BlocksΔ Missed BlocksVotesWeighted VotesCreated

⭐️ Witness Spotlight - NONE ⭐️

There is no spotlight witness this report as no witnesses have indicated interest to be features. If you are a witness interested in being the "spotlight witness" in a future report please contact me.

📰 Witness News!

🎯 Get Involved!

📚 Thanks for Reading!

  • If you found this information helpful, I hope you will consider supporting me (bbq-iguana) for witness.

  • If you are a witness and are doing something to support the community, please use the tag #witness-update in your post and it will be mentioned in Witness News! of the next report.

✅ Support witnesses that support Smoke.io

Make your support count by going to Witness Voting and setting @bbq-iguana on 🔥!

#stateofthewitnesses #witness-update #witness

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Yeah people come with lot of promise and now they are talking shit about smoke token and saying it’s worthless. That too top 20 witnesses.

And lol, every time this post comes out I’m being pushed down in witness rank for no good reason as soon as people shuffle their votes Anyways, no worries. I’m here for long run and I do not worry too much about ranks. As long as smoke blockchain runs smooth , I’m happy as a block producer 🤗

THANK YOU for the update! I just went in and saw some of the witnesses I had voted for previously are now inactive- changed some votes and all up to date now.

We haven’t been long at the witness game here with @cannaweedness yet, but I think we have a solid team with longevity track record so I guess... time to reach out.

Thanks for the update, i will resume my witness contest to help drive up witness voting and push up active witnesses on the chain.

I've adjusted my votes, It was disappointing to see someone who was ranked 17th to disable their witness without a post.

I like to see posting activity in the witnesses I've voted for, many of the witnesses I've not voted for haven't posted anything in months. I see a couple witnesses I've voted for haven't posted in a while neither, but their credentials on other platforms are outstanding so their vote still applies.

Looking forwards to more witnesses upping their game & new witnesses joining 👍


Yeah I suppose I should of did so for canna. Sorry for that. Now 8GB are required to operate, and I cant afford the 40$ a month for that. I will still continue to post to smoke with this account, as you know I have a big commitment to create the Smoke.og strain, and I like it here. As far as the Canna account it has close to 6000smoke. I will use that to upvote people and re smoke posts. Also will use the liquid smoke for prizes.


its terrible, and not actually that they don't wish and love to be a block producer on smoke, it goes down to the cost of running this nodes/server, not every one could afford such cost in this bear market.

And hello indica, we have always appreciated your support in actually up smoking our atlas smoke campaign updates and the encouragement you give, since we have brought little value to the smoke network and push our monthly game stronger, we could really make use of your witness support on our node. we are not only here on the long run, we are here to grow, survive and be successful on the smoke platform. and thank you for your continuous support, may the atlas force be with you .

Yeah I had to dismantle the canna witness, I can not afford 40$ a month. Sorry but maybe when my money situation gets better I will get it back up.

Hahahhahah, if i seen this post same day you published, would be saving a lot of missed blocks and disabled nonsense I had :D


Great updates bushkill, i guess i need to contact you to be featured on the next witness spotlight, hope that could be achievable?.