Smoke Witness Guide V1.6 - Updated for HF 1

last year


Hardfork1 is scheduled on 2020-02-24T00:00:00Z

Get the details -> Hardfork1

📖 Smoke Witness Guide v1.6

The following updates have been made for v1.6:

  • Increased shared-file-size to 10G
  • Updated for v0.1.0 - HF1

Get Witness Guide -> Smoke Witness Guide v1.6

✅ Support witnesses that support

Make your support count by going to Witness Voting and setting @bbq-iguana on 🔥!

#witness-update #witness-guide

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Getting pretty stoked to start promoting again.

Excellent my friend, thank you for staying on top of this 👌

Still working on a “Idiots Guide” version 😅 Something that would have helped me when I couldn’t figure out the simplest of things due to lack of knowledge on simple terms 🤪 cause you know I’m not just good but I’m good-enough 🤪

Great news.

Onwards and upwards.