HF1 Less than 12 hours away - maybe?....

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last year

There is less than 19 hours left until the hardfork is scheduled to happen but we are still short enough witnesses for consensus. If you know any of the active witnesses below that have not upgraded to v0.1.0, now is a good time to reach out to them and get it done.


13 Witnesses updated to v0.1.0 👍

8 Witnesses still at v0.0.7 👎

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Have messaged @jackdub and @cryptosmokers. I thought both had updated already.

@jrswab should be updated and reactivated in USA morning hours.

I've reached out to 3 of them

Resmoked to get more traffic....

The user @dook13 does not exist. Do you mean @d00k13?


Lol looks like my typo from discord was copied 😅 yes he means me 😘


@dOOk13 is good enough 😜

I am setting mine up with v0.1.0 as soon as the place I bought a year service with sends me my login information.


Got my login information and working on it now. I might message you if we get stuck.


I'm off to work now but there are others in Discord and Telegram that can help if needed. Good luck.


my witness is live and am set up with the v0.1.0 so excited to join the witnesses