Hey Members! Looking for your input....

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last year

As most of you probably know I have been doing a "State of the Witnesses" update about every 2 weeks since the chain started. Part of the update included a "Spotlight Witness" where we got to hear more about the given witness. We have pretty much hit all the witnesses that were interested in participating and there have not been many new witnesses joining. Needless to say, the updates haven't had "Spotlight Witnesses" . in quite some time.

So I think it is time to perhaps give previous "Spotlight Witness" the opportunity to give us an update.

Here is where I need your help. I'm looking for a new set of questions and want them to be meaningful to the members. So what would you like to hear the witnesses address? Please post your suggested questions in the comments.

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I guess I'll kick it off. Maybe a little biased since I'm a witness though.

  • What is your plan for Smoke Network/Smoke.io? (If tech-savvy will they be working on Smoke projects? If creative, will be they posting engaging content? If financially able, will they be increasing stake?)

  • What would you do if Smoke hit 1$ tomorrow?

  • What do you see smoke evolving into in the next 5 years?

  • Do you take measures to actively promote Smoke?


thank you

I'd ask about backup nodes and perhaps what side projects they're doing with Smoke aside from running a witness