Go Vote Some Witnesses, I Just Did

4 months ago


So I been pretty lazy about voting witness here. In fact before today I was only voting 2 and both were people who regularly interacted with me when I was very new to the platform. Witness are important to smoke and need or votes.


Today I went and voted 8 accounts for various reasons, some of which are listed below. I know I plan to vote a few more here shortly but figured this was a good start.

@grow-op - an awesome team that has supported me here.

@canna-curate - I like what Jon has done with the community. Plus that steem and smoke og.

@howhigh- seems to be very supportive of smoke

@easyrider- been following for a while and like the recent updates.

@ijmmai- don't know too much about you yet, but like what I've seen on discord and here.

@smokeasaurusrex- I appreciate the support so I figured I should show some.

@bbq-iguana- I like your state of the witnesses. Keeps me informed.


@murda-ra- I like your witness updates and that you want to see smoke go higher.

As a promotion for voting witnesses I'm gonna give away 4.2 smoke. (edit, @tecnosgirl added 4.2 smoke to the prize pool. Also @skylinebuds has offered 4.2 smoke to all non bot participants! Many thanks to both of them)

If you want the chance to win go vote at least 2 witness, take a screen shot and post in the comments below.

I will put the entries in a randomizer to pick the winner. If there is a lot of entries I may pick more than one winner!!!😁 😎

#giveaway #smoke

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Alright I figured out the voting and voted a handful of names I know I've seen around.


@armshippie, I will match your 4.20 for the winner, sending it to you now.


Thank you! You seriously rock 🤘🏻

It looks like only one entry so far, hopefully more soon. I guess I need to redirect people to it.

As we need more and more people checking votes weekly I will drop 4.2 smoke each as well... but I will be checking account before I send. I am not sending to that 100 bot script.


Thank you very much Skyline! It doesn't look like many people want to vote.

Id vote for ya!

Thanks for the vote! Ill like to add though that @jackdub is doing a wonderful job with canna here on Smoke . Much love to you jack for taking a load off my plate, also mad love for this wonderful herb!

You are right, we need to look at those more often. Recently added @ijmmai as well. I know her from discord and Whaleshares, she is a safe bet.

Good article. Voting for witnesses is key.

Thanks for the support and mentions, very much appreciated.