Witness Infrastructure Update for EmeraldTreasury

2 years ago

Sup All

First, we want to thank the network for allowing us serve as block producer. Since we launched our first witness nodes, we've been in the process of working on solutions to streamline our opperations.

Our Old infrastructure

We started out with two instances, each with 2 cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 500 GB hard drives. Though we had competitive latency and few missed blocks, we wanted to have infrastructure in place to support the coming network growth.

Our New infrastructure

We are happy to announce a seamless upgrade to two primary/backup instances, each with 8 cores, 30 GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space.

In addition to our upgraded infrastructure, we have automated our witness deployments using Terraform. As a result, we not only have primary/backup deployments of our witness nodes, but can easily upgrade and redeploy them in an automated fashion--at the drop of a dime.

Now that our witness nodes are in good shape, we can turn to building tools for the community.

Building Tools

Last week it was announced that we partnered with witness @bbq-iguana to build the following Witness Stats Tool. We will continue to update it as we receive feedback, but I also am cooking up plans for a basic User Stats page.

I hope you all are enjoying the network! Take care and thank you for smoking.


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