Blackman smoke witness up and running - kindly support with your witness vote

11 months ago

About Me

Most people know me as black-man on discord and whaleshares. I'm one of the founders of app, an African based decentralized fiat exchanged built on bitshares technology. With my degree in computer science, I have started and sold a couple of tech startups in the past. I'm always helping to design new products and getting them to market.

My continues contributions to the smoke network

  • Adding Smoke as a fiat gateway on Yensesa to support trading in the African market (Ghana & Nigeria for now).

  • Introduce the Africa community on Whaleshares and Steemit to Smoke and helping them establish and start using smoke.

  • I also run the AfiaBot (Notification bot for whaleshares). I will be making it available for the Smoke community very soon. This will help smoke users get notifications and updates on their post.

Witness Node

CPU: 4 Dedicated X86 64bit Cores
RAM : 8GB memory
NETWORK: 500Mbit/s Unmetered

Ready to witness

All my activities as a witness will be prioritised towards securing and providing reliable nodes. Any bonuses and rewards will be going towards creating backup servers and nodes to keep supporting this platform. Some will also be used to support projects on this platform.

I Will continue spending my time to create content, invest in people on this platform and the platform itself. I will work hard to make it even better then I joined. If you can see value in what I am proposing to provide to this community, please consider voting for my witness account and share this post.

How to vote

Go to
Click on the ( ^ ) by @blackman. If it turns green. You've voted

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Done... Vote you as my witness.

Congratulations I feel that will make history in the communication smoke as a witness, successes



Very nice! I cannot wait to see in Cape Town and blaze one with ya.

Thanks for all the support bud.


hahahaha thanks @stoner... watch out for me in CT

Voted :)

Hey Blackman! It will be great to see your tools from Whaleshares ported over to Smoke, that will be a big boost to the community here.


@powerpicswitness... yes buddy, I will get it ported for smoke very soon :)

Welcome blackman. I believe on what you will do thus just voted you as a witness. Keep it up bro. One love. Lets smoke together.


Thanks drigweeu

Glad you are here!


Thanks man

Blackman its great to see you here. Your effort in bring African country together is really encouraging.
Have vote for you.


Thank you cephas

Great to have you on board buddy


Thanks samest

Great to see u here mah man! U def got my vote I know what u do. Kudos!


Thanks @djlethalskillz this means a lot to me

Very nice to see you on the smoke network - trying every possible way to make each chain unique with you witness initiatives and support. Keep it up.


Thanks marshallife


Yeah - you welcome 😃

It's great to see you here bro. Great work you are doing in Africa. Bless you man..


Bless bro

agree with u sir you will have my vote right now :) i'm happy to be one of the firsts person on smoke <3


Thanks man

Just voted for you.


Aww.. thank you

@Blackman is the best you got my smoke!!!


thank you master

Hi blackman, you already own my vote. I have known you right from whaleshares and yensesa and i must confess you have made great impacts which is worthy of recommendation. Happy to see you here lets high together

Nice to meet you here @blackman, right from yensesa you have been going a nice job. Will keep an eye on your blog for more info from you, you got my vote.



Thanks you

Voted! I just think you are a great guy from what I have read here. See you around.