Witness Guide - Secure your servers!

2 years ago


🔒 Please Secure Your Servers!

I have been seeing a bunch of folks interested in becoming witnesses but have no Linux experience. Kudos to those interested and we all started there at some point. However, most of the how-to's only cover the actual installing and running smoked & cli_wallet and have no mention of securing your server.

It is very irresponsible to run a witness on an insecure server and you are potentially putting the whole network in jeopardy. There were reports the other day of some smoke witnesses experiencing DDOS attacks, so the threat IS REAL.

I have compiled a witness guide, based on my work on Whaleshares, that includes a section on securing your server. I admit I am NOT an expert so use at your own risk.

Here is the latest version v1.3, any future updated versions will be added as a comment. Feel free to hit me up on Discord if you need help.

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Hi bbq-iguana
I followed your Witness Voting link to turn it green, but when I click it on it goes Red?? nothing else to click for green? or Em I to high right now? :)


@healthiswealth It seems like the UI is still going through some customization and the actual color keeps changing. At this point as long as it is a color you have voted for me and all is fine. Thank you for your support.

I was looking into these issues/concerns myself, as I am working on getting a witness up and running. I was informed about how important security is recently and how important it is to know what you're doing and how to do it properly, so instead of rushing to get it up, which there's really no need to do anyhow, as I'm not concerned with getting block rewards as much as I am providing a secure point in the network that benefits the community, so I'm making sure that I do my research and take my time to learn the proper, secure way to operate a witness.

I do have one question though.

Is it at all possible for one of the extremely-well-versed-in-witnessing, witnesses, to create a file of some sort that could be configured to automatically apply security settings/extract and install security programs/files, based on your user input? (Personal passwords/keys/etc.)

If so, would they be willing to develop and maintain this for the community?

I'm the type who will take the time to personally learn what I'm doing and make sure that I'm doing it properly by checking with those who have the proper knowledge.. but something like this would make the actual process of getting it in place, much easier. I'm sure there will be some people running witness nodes who ignore the community and never secure anything... so maybe something like that, that's simple, would prevent the people like that from being reckless.

Just some things to think about.
I'm definitely going to be taking security seriously, just trying to read up on the right way to go about that. Hence, my witness not being up and running and me not focusing on finishing up how to get it up and running, currently.

Peace and Love.


Sorry man, was too busy helping you in Discord and missed this reply 🤣 Great suggestions and I do have some security things "in the works".

Great, he has my support as a witness

Very thorough guide, security is so important. Thank you for sharing with us.

I'll start doing it! :)

I used this to secure my rig when i set it up:) thanks very kindly for putting this together

Be Strong be secure be clever.
Keep on track and enjoy the weed.

Cannot be stressed enough. Thank you for sharing and creating these guides that benefit others😤

Thanks @bbq-iguana, I used your guide to set up my witness, I see that there is new information. I will have to have a proper look later today.

I was thinking about maybe starting up a witness to help the network. Maybe I will. It wouldn't be too hard and it would help sustain things.