Announcing Outreach Witness @grow-op

3 years ago

Hi and hello to all jokers, smokers, and midnight tokers!

We are @elliot, @acid, and @devils-lettuce, a team of seasoned DPoS enthusiasts, and together, we are @grow-op. We are pleased to make your acquaintance.


@grow-op is much more than just a witness node. We have a mission. We are a growth-centric witness project whose goal is to grow the Smoke Network platform any way we can. Listed below are a few ways in which we plan to make this happen:

Reaching out to the Reddit cannabis community.

It has become painfully obvious to the average Redditor that the site has become extremely profit-focused over time. Over the past few years, they have introduced more and more intrusive ads, and their recent site redesign has proven to be just yet another avenue for showing bigger (more profitable) advertisements. They have even begun to ban subreddits which they feel are damaging their relationship with advertisers.

As if monetising their users' content for their own gain were not enough, they are actively seeking even more money from their users in the form of reddit coins, a centralised, one-way points system that users must buy in order to purchase or gift Reddit Gold.

The /r/trees community on Reddit has over 1.2 million subscribers. What if these users did not have to live under constant threat of their beloved community disappearing in a puff of ad revenue? What if instead of viewing ads and purchasing Reddit Gold from Reddit, these folks were instead buying and powering up SMOKE to support their favourite cannabis content? We believe that this vision can and will be realised. We just need to get out there.

Through non-intrusive social and viral marketing strategies as well as the moderation of the /r/smokenetwork subreddit, we plan to bring Smoke Network to Reddit's masses.

Development of user-friendly tools for the Smoke Network platform.

Our primary maintainer is a seasoned professional software engineer with over 10 years of development experience. In the coming weeks and months, we'll be working to build robust and intuitive tools which augment your Smoke Network experience.

Here are some ideas we have for these tools so far:

  • user-friendly desktop wallet
  • decentralised cross-site login solution
  • permissions-based vote sharing (empower others to vote with your stake)
  • a functional and polished dashboard interface
  • private messaging system leveraging the power of Graphene cryptography

We will focus our priorities as necessary in order to bring the maximum ease of use possible to the Smoke Network blockchain. We believe that this is the key to mass adoption, and we are committed to making it happen.

Witness Node Details

We are hosting our primary witness node with Privex, a well-known and highly reliable host which is supportive of DPoS platforms and accepts cryptocurrency (including STEEM, a DPoS coin), helping to keep money in the crypto economy. Located in Germany, our current server configuration sports dual cores, 8 GiB of RAM, a 100GB hard drive, and a one-gigabit (1000 mbps) Internet connection.

We are currently seeking hosting options for our backup node. We are aware that a backup node is important to avoid missed blocks and ensure the integrity of the network. We feel that it is best to host this node in a separate geographical location, with a different provider. We will make a witness update announcement when our backup is ready!

In conclusion...

We could not be more excited about this opportunity to serve you, the Smoke Network community. In order to support our mission, we ask that you please select us as one of your 30 witness votes.

We are @grow-op, and we are your witness for the growth and development of the Smoke Network platform.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Woot woot! Bring them r/🎄here


Yes @anmitsu! I think they’re going to love it.

I've seen acidyo put in huge contributions, in many forms to the Steem blockchain, it's really cool he is witness now on Smoke, along with Devils-lettuce and Elliot. Congratulations!

Oh okay nice. I'm familiar with @acid and know he's done a lot on Steem so you got my support ;)


Really appreciate it @bitcoinparadise. Thanks for your support!

You're welcome to the platform, I hope to start seeing the good work of yours and I do believe you will definitely follow your word. But properly keep the flame high. ;)

There are some great ideas here plus will hopefully give them r/trees users a new home. Looking forward to the coming developments :)

I am excited to see this team, if you can do anything for Smoke as you've done for Steemit and Reddit things will grow great here.

Wonderful!!! a new active witness group!! Thanks for the support on smoke!

Amazing talent you guys have.

@acidyo and @elliot have nothing more in mind than the growth of the platform. With them both behind a witness account, I am confident their decisions willl only be for the good of the platform!

Oh how great!

I already follow ALL 3 of you so this was a no-brainer for me to vote for your witness.

Question for you...

permissions-based vote sharing (empower others to vote with your stake)

Is this being compared to auto-votes on a curation trail? Or am I misunderstanding the wording? Or compared to how you can delegate power to another; like on steemit?


It will be a way to support projects and causes. A bit like delegation but different. Run a server to give others access to your voting power based on certain conditions and restrictions. [email protected]

I’m no developer but it’s a cool way to not have to delegate to provide support, less time taken to revoke rights if someone goes rogue and customisable to your goals. So, similar to a curation trail in some ways but different at the same time 😆


ahhh ok... I kind of understand it.
I'm sure as it progresses and comes to light I will catch on to the way it works.

This is a wonderful idea!
Not gonna lie, I was actually thinking about this yesterday as I perused some old cannabis blogs/sites. What I found was that although some of the posts were say 3-5 years old, there was a good bit of new (less than 3-4 months old) users signing up to these (mostly) dead sites and commenting on posts that were years old, just to not receive a reply. I considered mentioning Smoke to the users of these communities and directing them here. Obviously it's not always as easy as inviting them over, as each forum has it's own rules and it's not a good look to come into someone else's domain, who doesn't want you there, to advertise. There has to be ethics and morals involved in my process, because that's just what I believe in, so I began looking at different sites and seeing who allowed outside links and referrals to other sites and I have begun compiling a list that will include the frequency of users joining as well as the user activity/behavior.

Glad to see I'm not the only one considering these avenues of information delivery! I'm currently trying to get a witness up, but I'm fresh to it all, so I'm having a bit of a rough go of it. There's a lot of support from the community tho and I have a feeling I'll have that set up and can continue learning how to be better at that, while I find ways I can promote and add value to the platform.

Peace and Love!

Awesome. Congratulation and all the best to team @grow-op . Just voted for you guys. <3

As far as i know @elliot and @acid, have been of great help to this community. You have got my witness vote, and as for this

user-friendly desktop wallet

It think it will be super cool. I will for sure keep an eye to get new updates here, nice one guys.


Thanks @jessica, great to have your support.

You guys rock and have my support.

Nice idea ..I love the way you are helping this community

Amazing, nice one @elliot, @acid, and @devils-lettuce you gat my support.

Congratulations for your post.


Thanks @kretorkk, do we have your support?


@acid has done a lot of good work on steemit with his ocd curation and I believe here will be no different.
Btw do you guys have a dedicated smoke discord?


What's up @elliot, @acid, and @devils-lettuce!!!

You will have my vote!!!


The latest claims from James Corbett (the corbett report), that reddit is a Propaganda platform is totally on point... Countless times as you mentionned they've been banning certain subjects.

I personally think that we don't need the r/ community here, I know lots of people will disagree, but I've never felt that it was a place for me, and we're trying to create a "safe" place for us here.
This is just my opinion, and I know it's probably not the majority of people.
I will still support your cause, as I believe that you guys will improve our platform in a big way!


Thanks for the support @edprivat.

I appreciate you raising your concerns. Not everyone is as chill as the people I’ve met here so far, that’s a given, but this platform can serve as the home for all cannabis content, readers/viewers & creators - censorship resistant and rewarding for both creators & curators.

I personally think that we don’t need the r/community here.

Hey man, maybe we don’t but one thing is for sure is that they need us :)

What if nobody told you about smoke because you’re part of the Steem community? Feelsbad.jpg


The way you seemed to present it, it was more a disruptive guerrilla marketing campaign anyway, so in that case, if it entails some disrupting, I am all for it :)

"What if nobody told you about smoke because you’re part of the Steem community?" Ok touche, you've got a point.
But I feel that at least the Steemit community, has more or less the same mindset as the smoke one, they are earlier adopters of the crypto world, and lots of people are against censorship and part of a counter-culture

I'm new here and I'm excited about this social network!

Glad to have it! I am continuing to contribute and interact in hopes of growing the platform. It's super exciting to see where this will go. Following!

Lovely, great idea!!


Thanks @llikeszi, the growth of smoke as a platform is super important to us.


To me also

Now this is what we're talking about .. You guys deserve some Accolades!!

very nice post i like it

Hey guys awesome to be here and read this post! Please support me I am now following. If you could have a look ay my content and give me support I need to be heard so my stuff can get out there! Cheerz

Voted for your Witness


How come you disabled your witness?

Have you been developing the tools you mentioned in your witness introduction post?

Hey guys, any chance of some regular blog posts to let us know you're still alive? 😂

Hey man, can you check on your witness please? It seems to be disabled?