How lovely is your loveliest bud?

2 years ago

On its way

Munchies are still on it's way

A bit long way to come as you know..

It's not random boring munchies

Good munchies come with good sounds


The sounds..

Holy, just talking about this

I'm getting all excited!

That weird annoying sound that keep you watching

I have watched it for hours and hours

At first yes, it's a bit weird

Then for sure become addicted and hungry

You have no idea what I'm talkin' bout

Dude, you're not weird enough

and you're not in trend either..

ASMR is huge !

Anyway, how lovely is your loveliest ones? Here's mine.

heart weed.jpeg

Really not many buds I would pick them up and take photos.

This one I felt the love.

No woman, no cry.

Mo ❤

Who me?.pngsmallest pipe.pngGG4.pngRandom bong hit.png

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Nice one :), Love the heart there. Do you think smoke could be for content other than greens. I was thinking of post some of my work here :)


I think you sure could. Smokers listen to music and that's how it's related!

I'm not going to keep posting all the joints and buds but..
I'm preparing my munchies sounds.

Smokers love munchies and that's how it's related!

Haaa! So glad to see you here! :)

I know what ASMR is, like the gentle sounds ...


Bwahaha what do you think about that? 🐒


I want to experience more of it :)


Glad to hear ! :)

I can see why you picked this one, you can instantly feel the love 🥰

cool Keep Smoke pace and love life is for free!

I couldn't tell you, I'd already smoked it.