Gorilla Glue #4

2 years ago

Smoke update

So I have been creepin'

Pretty much here and there.

It's already 1000 smoke accts in 5 days!

250 posts in 24 hours.

Half of pre-saled smoke's been claim

The other half @kryptik knows where they go

UI & API deep shit

Front end design changing SCREAM!!!!

Content guidelines

Aim to write at least 1000+ words of original content

in-depth that the reader may find useful.

Understandable..Traffic is the key

At the same time, it's a real bitch

Now looking back to my own posts.

Dang it

Thought it was gonna be..

a chill place to smoke and relax after work

Let me figure it out..

While keep on chillin' ✌

Haven't watch the bong hit short vid just yet?

Anyways, what do you think about

this beautiful branch of GG #4?


Not just big but dense af.

My nails look gross

Mo ❤

Who me?.pngsmallest pipe.pngloveliest bud.pngRandom bong hit.png

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I can imagine the feeling, weekend is here, time to relax and unwind, call some real ones, grab some smoke.


You have a great weekend! =)

Now I wish that smell is transferrable through pictures somehow...^^


Smells pretty green I can tell you that haha :D

Wouldn’t have noticed your nails had you not pointed it out 😉


Should delete that whole sentence then dang it! LOL

You have a great style.. Don't change. :D


Ha! Thanks @plug! People can't change much of their style, fortunately. Though, I will try to mix and match and shake things up a bit. :)

It's Saturday here; time to get stoned, lol.

PS: Are those cannabis indica or sativa?


Enjoy yourself Sammy!!! ;)

I love GG , amazing strain. Hope you're doing good MO !


I love how dense and heavy it is. Well, I know smokers don't care much about those factors LOL I am doing real GREAT Todd! :)

It looks legit !!! Few weeks to go right?


Thanks. That was a picture from the old days actually :)


Alrighty I get nostalgic with my plants too :P

I'm drooling.. I'd love to be able to grow something beautiful like that.. I bet she's gonna smoke niiiiicely too! ;)

Also, thank you for voting on my post as well! I appreciate the support!

Peace and Love.