Today's Weed News For November 30th 2018 #HEARTFAILURE

2 years ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of Hawaii.

Researchers at the University of Hawaii say that their research seems to suggest cannabis can be used to reverse heart failure!

According to a recent study they ran, cannabis can both protect the heart from damage as well as even reverse damage caused by things such as heart attacks, hypertension and leaky valves.

"Heart disease and diabetes are very prevalent in the islands and there's greater prevalence in native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations. It's important to discover new therapies that impact this terrible disease...Anecdotally, people who have heart attacks recover more quickly if their marijuana users. On the flip side, they have more severe heart attacks to start with," said Alexander Stokes, the assistant professor of cell and molecular biology at University of Hawaii's John a Burns School of Medicine.

Believing that there really is a promising future in treating heart disease with cannabis, Stokes founded Makai Biotechnology, a cardiovascular therapy company based in Hawaii. Now, in order to combine his knowledge about the heart with cutting-edge cannabis science, Makai Biotechnology has partnered up with GB Sciences Inc, a pharmaceutical company based in the state of Nevada, that operates cannabis dispensaries.

Although it will probably take a couple of years before any new therapies are brought to Market, those two companies working together really has the potential to change the way people view cannabis and its effect on the heart, as well as how heart disease is treated around the world.

Props to Alexander Stokes for being a visionary and not being afraid to think outside the box.

I personally really like what Stokes is doing and I sincerely hope that his endeavours are successful.

And that's what's up in Hawaii!


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It totally makes sense to me. I have a buddy who has seizures and has had many heart attacks but is still kicking strong. Makes sense to me that cannabis can help keeps one heart going.


damn, that's rough, but its great he's got cannabis to lean on tho!

Damn! I always thought cannabis wasn’t get for a bad heart!


i wish they explained more about how exactly weed helps the heart. like is it the thc or the fact that it reduces mental stress or what.

One of my friends ( Cannabis Smoker ) recovered very fast after his last heart attack.


that is amazing!

Wow, this are great news and totally deserve my fat upvote, haha
I'm happy to hear that the study suggest that cannabis can be used to reverse heart failure!
Day be day the myths that cannabis is bad for health start falling apart!


the truth always comes to the surface in the end

If cannabis is proven to treat some of the most common major ailments, I think that will be the final nail in the coffin of the anti cannabis propaganda. Thanks for the update mate and bong on bro. :-)


hell ya, one day....

They are so many health benefits of weed yet to be discovered and i hope the people who knew little about weed will discover this one day