I think Google is watching me

8 months ago

I opened the Youtube front page, and for some reason this video was there on recommendations. I haven't watched any weed related content, so I wonder where did this come from?

Don't tell anyone, but I think Google might be stalking me.

I don't know if I mind, honestly, because in the end, the video was pretty darn chill, and the lady was so stoned that I think some of it transferred to the other side even though the only place I've smoked weed is in my dreams. Like literally, in a dream, while sleeping, in a bed, laying down. You know, the way humans usually do it.

Damn those cookies look tasty.

Sorry, made you hungry. Even more sorry if your fridge is empty. I take part of your grief. Shh... it's ok, I'm right here, you can lean on my shoulder. Yes, that's it, it's all gonna be fine, promise.

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Yep, they are watching your every move. Apparently iPhones even listen to your conversations, because there have been several occasions where I have never googled a certain item or topic, but have talked about it with someone, and low and behold, there it pops up as adds and recommendations for videos the next day. We should be more scared.


Time to pull out our folio hats.


I wish I knew how to do origami, I want a special folio hat!

Their recommendations also come from search history, whether that's solely reserved to youtube searches idk


Yeah, they're probably based on other search history as well as YT.