First Post, Last Buds

2 years ago

Finally making my first post on Smoke! I'm doing it with one of my personal favourite strains, Green Crack. I had an ounce worth of it that has served me quite faithfully. I shall soon lay this ounce to rest as I pack the final pyres

Busta Grimes

As far as Green Crack goes, it's not the most potent I've had, but it's still pretty damn good. I have a little Pineapple Express mixed in with whats already busted, so this is gonna be a fun night.

Planetary Rings

Got off work a little bit ago, rocking some No Mans Sky with a bro, and chillin with Mary Jane till the wee hours. I have a glass pipe my mom gave me as a gift and some fresh screens, let's smoke some fucking bowls!


Shout out to @taskmanager for referring me here! He's been getting me high for years. He's also passed me the craziest bowls I've ever smoked in my life. Stand up dude

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Glad to see you posting finally! You have been upvoted to help support your growth! : )

Glass doesn't need screens IMO. I is a glass screen and not a metal one. Glad to see you have a mom vool enough to get you a pipe. I too am that mom to my adult children who smoke.