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2 years ago

Spotlight Post

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Today's post will be a post from @cannasseur!
This program by the Smoke team, will be highly beneficial for the future of the blockchain!

They aim to promote quality authors who produce good content that adheres to the guidelines here at Smoke.io!

Curation and promotion of quality content.


Quality content.

The goal here, for most, is to provide quality content.

What this means is that there is some inherent value in a post.
Some "takeaway" from it that leaves you a bit more experienced than when you first came across it.

This can be something as simple as a stimulating idea or thought popping into your head.
It could be a full blown conversation with depth.

Quality content is what the goal is for me as well in my mission to spread wealth. :)


The original post:




The questions I have are:

  1. What do you think dictates what is "quality" and what is not?
  2. How relative is value to the content that's being discussed?
  3. What are some good tactics to get people to offer up a bit more value-wise?
  4. How do we go about spreading that value fairly?
  5. Do you prefer to make posts or to comment?
  6. Has your day been going by smoothly? : )



Post rewards will be distributed at the rate of:

80%-88% Powered down, 12%-20% held for VP increase.

Payout will be distributed in increments each week after the power-down process begins for the portion of rewards set to be distributed.

(First power-down has been initiated! Watch more distribution of Smoke in a week!)

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