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2 years ago

Spotlight Post

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Today's post will be a post from @futurethinker that I think holds major value, got a decent bit of exposure, but needs a bit more input from the community, in my opinion.

The matter of delegation.



Delegation is reserving a portion of your power for another person's use.



His original post:




The questions I have are:

  1. Do you think delegation should be a feature on Smoke?
  2. Do you believe the pitfalls of delegation outweigh the benefits?
  3. What do you think of minimum/maximum delegation ideas?
  4. In your opinion, are there workarounds for this that can be effective and sustainable?
  5. Can another person provide proof that these workarounds may be able to be manipulated in any impactful way?
  6. Would there be/is there a way to ensure bid bots don't arise?



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