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2 years ago

Spotlight Post

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Today's post is from @reefermom!

They've got an amazing business that you should definitely support! Check them out!

They're holding a contest right now to help name that business, in fact, so help them out and you could win a prize!

Contest time!




Contests are vital to the enjoyment of the community. Not only that, they also assist in what my main mission is. Wealth redistribution!

They also promote engagement as well as participation in community held events.


The original post:




The questions I have are:

  1. Don't you love contests?! : )



Post rewards will be distributed at the rate of:

80%-88% Powered down, 12%-20% held for VP increase.

Payout will be distributed in increments each week after the power-down process begins for the portion of rewards set to be distributed.

This week, I have bought Smoke to distribute, so there will be more going around than originally planned!

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