[ Qualifications for distribution. ]

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  • Originality (An original work.)
  • Quality redirect (In cases of reference to other posts with intellectual value.)
  • Artistic qualities (Adds/has artistic value. This includes visuals and audio!)
  • Positive vibes (You're promoting positivity!)
  • Exotic growing/story/situation. (Interchangeable. Applicable to various topics.)
  • Relevant (Is it relevant directly to Smoke or cannabis?)
  • Informative (Gives in-depth information about a topic.)
  • Funny qualities/stories (If it might make you laugh or is goofy! Laughing is positive!)
  • Fun (Just generally has good vibes surrounding it! Usually goes to videos!)
  • Technologically beneficial/informative (Provides/informs of tech.)
  • Useful (Mostly reserved for tools created for the blockchain.)
    (Tools/posts under this category will generally,but not always, get higher votes/rewards.)

Comment Format


You've been sent X smoke! (X = Amount at the time of distribution.)

Your content qualified for: (Why the vote/Smoke was given.)

  • 1st Reason - Usually Originality, for it being an original work.
  • 2nd Reason
  • 3+ Reasons - Extra reasons may be added to further describe why a post was rewarded.
    (This only really applies for cases where the amount given is not equal to the rest.)
    (Ex: 4 Smoke is being distributed, 8 Smoke is given to a post. It will be justified.)
  • Engagement
    (This tag will be included, despite the fact I will only distribute to active authors.)
    (It covers the scope of being active and providing content for others to engage with.)

Keep up the great work! (If you're producing good content, I want more!)




I've made the first Spotlight series post!

You can check it out right here!

I'm reserving my blog for Spotlight posts and for an occasional resmoke of some good content.

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