Passing around the first round of smoke!

2 years ago

Smoke Distribution.


Smoke has been distributed for the first time ever and upvotes have been given out.

Upvotes are not worth much right now, but in time that will change.

Here are the first round picks:

These are not necessarily the first ones to get a spotlight done, simply the first to receive distributions from me. Although I will say the first person I plan to do a spotlight on, is on this list!


Image from under labeled for reuse.

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SMOKEd up your stuff a bit. Gave partial votes on each of the stuff.
Hope that helps you a little in your mission!
If I see that you're actually doing what u say u will, I'll definitely contribute more in the future! I'm always looking for projects to support!


Check my wallet.

Sweet I know a few of those people @gr8fulmag420 is having a great day. @gr8fulmag420 also won my Roach Sunday contest. Great initiative.

A great initiative @wealthdistribute!

Thanks... that's awesome

Thank you! I just checked my SMOKE wallet!!

GREAT initiative you started here-

Thank you for including me in your first round of authors! I appreciate the highlight. Stay high👊🏻