[ Nearing first powered-down distribution ]

2 years ago


Around 5 Smoke


That is the amount that will be distributed in just around a day or so.

This will be the first powered-down distribution that I make! I have been slacking on the voting, sorry guys! I will be working on doing more of that and investing more time into making sure the votes aren't going to waste!

I also did not want to post constantly about this and I hadn't decided who to do the next spotlight post on yet, so I thought I would go about doing that soon.

Look out for more wealth distribution for quality content soon!




The next spotlight post will be made soon. Look out for that!

Thank you to all who've supported this initiative from it's conception!
Over time, I hope to gain more support by backing up my promises.

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love this thank you for supporting the community!


You're welcome! : )

I nominate @tecnosgirl for the spotlight..


Thank you for the nomination! I will consider them, I will check out their page.