[ First power-down ]

2 years ago


60 Smoke


That is the amount being powered down!
I decided to power down more so that there would be more available to distribute weekly.

This means a bit less goes into voting power, but there are a couple more payouts coming to increase that until the next week's power-down of rewards for distribution.

Seems my calculations were off a bit;
There will only be 4-5 Smoke available next week for distribution. Sorry! : (

That means that there will be 4-5 Smoke starting out, for distribution each week!
Sounds like a good start to me! However, my goal is to be handing out much more than that, per day!




The next spotlight post will be made soon. Look out for that!

Thank you to all who've supported this initiative from it's conception!
Over time, I hope to gain more support by backing up my promises.

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this is an interesting idea powering down to reward folks!! man onsteemit that would be hereasy!!

ohh thats why i love it here, such a positive community that isnt greedy :)


Yes! That way there can be a better distribution of Smoke among the people!

I feel that some authors don't get enough recognition/compensation and I'd like to see to it that they get what they deserve! As well as those who don't post as much, but comment more.