[VIDEO] Do you feel the vibes.. do you?

2 years ago


California's summer

The balcony was just right outside.

The nature surrounding.

An abandoned sofa

A few dead plants.

Birds sang - the sun almost set.

How it happened..

Buds on the table..

That Illuminati bong was right besides..

A camera.. a tripod..

It's a signal and you know it.

Do you feel the vibes.. do you?

Did it for the vid..

Passed out ..

Woke up.. that's when the munchies came in..

Gimme more munchies.

Mo ❤

Who me?.pngsmallest pipe.pngloveliest bud.pngGG4.png

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OMG it's you in the video ! hahahahah. Classic =)


Wow, so cool you recognised! Always original content :) Thanks for watching! :D


Was that bong brand new ?? SO CLEAN !


Kev cleaned it for me as I was gonna make the vid LOLOL

Damn girl don’t short us on the editing eh? 😂

Seriously I have always loved your editing techniques, this video seriously highlights what I love about what you create!

I wonder how difficult launching a SmokeTube would be if at all possible? Hmm you got me thinking about future projects on this chain now!

Hey there :) Why no reply for TG/meetup in Comments on my post ?

Too busy with bonging :) ?



Oops! sorry! Haven't been checking the reply section. I wish they had the notification like busy does! Will go check it out now! :)

Very nice video! So classy.


Thanks for checking it out! :)

Holy lamb! Munching on some smokes.. Hope you didn't get stoned?

It would be a great feeling though :)

For the love of smoke. Smoke on girl!


I did get way too high. LOLOL Thanks for watching! :)

Uuu aaaahh.. wait did I see this one somewhere haha.

Artakush grabs some sbacks for his munchies from the bush...