How do we adjust our Voting % on Upvotes?

8 months ago

I noticed that some people have 6%, 10% voting going on on their upvotes.
How do we change this?

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I’m told you need to have 50,000 Smoke Power to get the Voting adjustment tool. (Slider bar)


This is true, for the slider bar on the website you need 50kSP.
Smoke itself, on the other hand, has no such restriction.
For example I've gathered the following,
Some of this is html/javascript given to me by @stoner on the discord.
The rest is bash to wrap around it. All 3 files need to be edited to your specific setup for it to work.

Basically, if I want to vote up your comment for 0.045 then I run:
smoke-vote.bash "" "0.0455"

This then checks my voting power and calculates what % vote I need to give at my current VP & SP, copies the blank html file to a temp directory, fills in the needed info, and launches the html in google-chrome. After 15 seconds (presumably the vote is cast by then) it closes the google-chrome window.

Changes you have to make for this to work
smoke-vote.bash: You have to point /PATH/TO/smokeJS-vote.html.blank to the location that you have the file.

smokeJS-vote.html.blank: You have to enter your username and WIF/Private-key in the spaces provided to be able to vote.

smoke_vote_value.bash: Enter your username where it says "ENTER YOUR USERNAME HERE"

If you don't run a linux/unix system then I'm sorry, does windows have BASH yet?
Here's me praying I didn't leave a private key in one of those files...


Thank you for the response!


there's actually a typo in there I think, I didn't put ${usernames}
but is correct.

Check out my comment to @offgrid