DTube Embedded Cross Posting Tutorial

2 years ago



I have gone through my process for crossposting your DTube embedded links to other platforms and avoiding the use of YT if you decide to not use them. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me on my discord. @VostokArmy

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Free software mentioned in the post:

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thank you so much, I really worked hard on this after @jessica and a few others asked me how to crosspost and thought it was perfect timing to test my skill in explaining :) I am honored, thank you so much

Great work vlad. Sweet video tutorial.


thanks mang, need to work on my audio volumes for sure, getting everything together to do these has been a major challenge for me, as you already know--haha

never knew a dtube video on smoke was this easy, thanks for the tutorial. Resmoked for added visibility.


so easy right? :) thought i would add some other things to make the process easier for people who never tried, but the linking part is so simple :) Can't wait to see your first video, let me know and you can back it up on my IPFS node :)