How to see your voting power?

8 months ago

Unfortunately, the blockexplorer for smoke is still very inconvenient and in order to find out your voting power I use Trade It For Weed

ideally, if this value does not fall below 90%! Who is on the Steemit knows it
I wanted to provide a link to the official description of the voting power , but did not find this concept in the documentation
Maybe I was looking bad, I will be grateful if you tell us about voting power influence

Replace my nickname with your own to see your voting power condition at this moments!

login is not required

Do you know your voting power at this moment and the parameters that it affects?


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One thing worth noting is that tfw seems to be pulling the raw vote percentage stat from smoke. This is the number immediately after the last vote.
This does not take into account the fact that every 24 hours you gain 20% of your VP back.
You can see your current (time adjusted) VP at sites like or

ps. You can also scale your vote using tools like and there are more complicated ways as well.

98% voting power, hmm perhaps I should start voting with greater vote weight in the future? 🤔



Trying to avoid having a trending page with too many +1k rewards which may lead to people think it’s yet another scammy platform they just found?

I remember when STEEM was above $4 and SBD at +$10 there were some who wanted a live value rewards display because they said it would attract more users. As if the blockchain right then didn’t get enough newcomers already.


I think we must have solution for this trending page to do not see everytime we check the same bloggers!


It's called patience. Let the platform grow. As more people join there will be different people on trending.

While it is still possible to keep up with latest posts the distribution will happen and eventually different people will trend.

It is rather obvious what receives nice curation rewards.

Patience. You should have noticed things are different here and there's also only hundreds, or less, who seem truly active.

I was on trending within first week of posting. Just because of content.

It works.

The solution is distribute your vote, don't selfvote. That's a great start. That improves lots already and definitely makes others, newer members and contributors feel great about things. And keeps them motivated, motivated to work rather than just blow.

Armchair critics who always find issues in everything eventually become only "noise".


Yeah, steem really should drop the dollar representation, it's not flattering at all now..

I've been slowly increasing my cast vote weight as I see who's where to stay around, I've been giving more to grow blogs recently too as they're pretty cool


It's painful they didn't design a token sign. Now new people will be totally confused as a post with $TU2.5 gives 2.4STEEM and as much SP. After curation. How will they understand that?

Just show how many STEEM. And for the sake of progress, with Dan gone and thus no focus on a liquid token anymore for e-commerce... ditch SBD with the next HF. No need for it anymore and definitely not for a debt issued token without purpose.