Worst Places to Travel as a Cannabis Smoker

last year

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Legalization of Marijuana has now become acceptable in most states of the United States and a few other countries. But some countries have not yet joined this progress, they still hold outdated and very strict drug laws that they enforce and continue cracking down on marijuana users.

These countries never want their citizens to access cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, and those who dare to have access end up facing severe punishments.

The following among others are some of the worst places to go traveling as a stoner:

1. Indonesia

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The country consists of islands that offer majestic coastline sceneries and high-class snorkeling, which makes it a perfect location for sparking up your vacation.

Unfortunately, if you are caught with any amount of cannabis, you may find yourself behind bars for a minimum of four years. Additionally, if you dare to unsuccessfully import marijuana of any amount into the country, get ready to spend 5 to15 years in prison.

Generally, you could ruin a vacation in Indonesia if caught with weed. Even talking about the sweet leaf in public may get you into some hot soup with the local people, who will actually threaten to report you to get a bribe from you.

2. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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If you are arrested in possession of cannabis in UAE, expect to get a minimum of four years in jail.

This country which is dominated by Muslim has among of the most strict laws of marijuana than anywhere else in the world. Just like South Korea, police can test you for drugs at any given moment and if happen to find any THC content in your system, you will surely have a rough time.

Being considered as a police state, there is zero-tolerance policy in Dubai on drug use.

It usually very expensive and notoriously difficult to smoke cannabis here. If caught doing so, the repercussions are quite severe. The best you can do is to save the smoking session until when you successfully get out of the country.

3. Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is among the worst countries to get arrested smoking weed. It can easily cause you to be given a death penalty.

A first time offender will be imprisoned for six months, and if arrested for a second time, you may be given a prison sentence for seven years. The death penalty is applied if arrested for the third time.

Beheadings for traffickers and public floggings for those using drugs are some of the things you wouldn't want to mess with. It is very hard to find cannabis here, and so you may even not have a choice of whether you will smoke or not.

Unless having a good time involves being flogged by the big guys in the middle of a desert, it's better for you to leave your stash at home.

4. Japan

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This land of incredible anime and sushi doesn't mess around when dealing with marijuana. Any drug use in Japan is highly considered a taboo and is frowned upon by the citizens.

If you are caught smoking, just say goodbye to the five years that follow in your life. In addition to this lengthy sentence, all your body muscles will get used to aching from the hard manual labor you will be exposed to, and the beating you will receive as well.

For First-time drug offenders, you may be lucky not to taste jail time, but if arrested, you will definitely be deported and banned from traveling to Japan.

5. Malaysia

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This may be possibly the country where repercussions of being arrested smoking marijuana are worst. If one is found cultivating one cannabis seed, you could face life imprisonment.

Worse of it all, one could easily be sentenced to death if found in possession of more than 200 grams of cannabis.

Generally, the best you can do before you decide whether to smoke while abroad is to get knowledge about the laws of local drug use before travel. Evaluate all the risks and ensure you understand what you may get into should you be arrested.

If you are tempted to enjoy a good smoke while traveling to various destinations of this amazing planet be sure to read my cannabis friendly holidays guide.

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There are some people on the other platforms that are avoiding smoke.io simply because marijuana is heavily penalized where they reside. How can a natrual plant case so much controversy?? It isn't legal where I live but will be on the ballot next month.


I was thinking the same thing, you are so right!
Maybe it's years of political indoctrination, I've always wondered where it came from, and how much does it cost to enforce those stupid laws


most drugs are derived from natural plants. we all know stigma is a mechanism used by the unted states to spread prohibition. Most of these places have long standing cannabis traditions and from my xperience (UAE) it is not hard to get (although a bit nerve-wracking).

legality is this term used by governments to imply the threat of violence (incarceration is a violent act on ones psyche) to subjugate the people into conformity...

Resmoked.... people need to see this. I won’t ever be going to those places unless I get called to lol


Yep that's how I found it!

Am very much aware that most Muslim countries is a "no go area" for marijuana users, but i still don't understand why people should face such strict laws because of a plant created by God. Menh this outrageous.

I'll have to make sure not to travel to these places


Can u not do without smoking for a day?


I go weeks without smoking sometimes, that said I really have zero desire to visit a place which has such oppressive laws, also, while I'm on vacation that is the one time I would like to embibe in smoking some pot so why travel somewhere where they have incredibly strict laws regarding it.


dont let a little jail time prevent you from traveling to some awesome places


haha, I've watched too many episodes of locked up abroad

  ·  last year

I have heard that the jail systems in Japan are really, really terrible. It surprised me in some way but at the same time, they live by such structured social rule that having harsh penalties are an added incentive to conform.

I also find it ironic that smoking weed is considered worse than the penalty of cutting off someone's head for smoking weed.

Fucked up world.


oh my. i think im going to have to research this :P


"Sir Paul McCartney famously spent 9 days in a Japanese jail for bringing 8oz of marijuana into the country before being sent home. Other foreign nationals have been banned from entering Japan due to convictions relating to marijuana. For example, Paris Hilton and the Rolling Stones have both been banned from entering Japan due to past drug related offenses"

source - https://oharalaw-japan.com/2016/02/24/what-is-the-punishment-for-possessing-marijuana-in-japan/

These laws are just ignorant and disgraceful. Thanks for posting this, maybe shedding some light will help catalyze change.

Its worse here in Nigeria 🇳🇬..... But i smoke on regardless


What good feeling ddo u get from smoking

Aweome. Followed.

Yup, this is a situation and everyone should be aware that the people are getting a death penalty over a plant that is heavily used in the pharmacy without any repercussions. Any other thing more dangerous that will certainly kill you, is of course, legal.

i due time as the laws loosen in the west and international trade of cannabis begins the countries will legalize so that they are not left behind in the ensuing economic boom for hemp products.

I can confirm United Arab Emirates. Very very strict here. Though its quite prevalent. Illegally readily available.

Loved it. These are places I will never go.