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2 years ago

Traveling with your cannabis can certainly cause a few headaches and some uncertain perils just like President Trump having Stormy Daniels’ number on his burner phone. Whether you’re traveling within the United States or to and from a foreign county to another, the rules are quite clear, it’s illegal to fly with cannabis.

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So, how do you get your weed from point A to point B?

There are some clever tricks that you could try if you think you have the balls to do it; however, unless your weed is super-dank, a good tip is to leave it home and hook-up where you’re going. The rules for traveling with cannabis is always evolving and causes conflict between federal marijuana laws and state on a consistent basis.

The method of enforcing rules from one airport to another or between various states and countries is more confusing than smoking a cannabis joint laced with peyote while on vacation in Vegas and waking up in a jail cell on a dirt floor in Tijuana?

The rules and regulations that govern traveling with cannabis on a global level, effects medical patients as a whole. Medical marijuana patients who need specific cannabis products or strains to combat chronic pain or an illness, traveling with medical marijuana is anything but simple.

Unless Elon Musk makes SpaceX available here on earth, there are two basic forms of transportation that a stoner can take: flying or going on a road trip.

Since man invented the wheel first and laws about flying with cannabis only came into effect after aviation was born, let’s take a road trip first, and see what's up about staying safe when traveling with cannabis, whether by pavement or air.

Rules for a Road Trip

Going on a road trip with your cannabis is the safest method of getting your weed from point A to point B; however, unless you’re traveling in a country or state where transportation up to a certain amount of cannabis is legal, there are certain fines and ramifications that can happen if you get caught.

If you are fortunate enough to be traveling by road in a country or state where transportation of cannabis is legal, keep in mind that not all rules concerning transportation of cannabis are set in stone. A good tip for a road trip in the United States is to know what states are recreational user-friendly, medical marijuana-friendly, medical marijuana-friendly with THC limitations, and the three where cannabis is still prohibited.

Rules for Flying

The rules for flying with cannabis anywhere in the world are simple, it’s illegal.

Air travel is regulated and falls under federal law and jurisdiction; therefore, it remains highly illegal to transport or possess any amount of cannabis. The good news is that TSA officials are not looking for weed like they used to, instead they’re more concerned about devices that can take a plane down.

Smuggling your weed on a flight is a personal choice, and some individuals do make it to their destination with their cannabis; however, it’s always safer to check with the locals at a nightclub and buy your Ghanja there. For example, a foreigner who travels into Russia with more than six grams of weed can cause all kinds of problems, and just being high on cannabis in Russia is enough to land you in jail for several years!

What do you do if you get caught in Russia?

Your best option is to bribe the Voennaya Politsiya (VP), which is the local police. This approach wouldn’t work very well in the United States or some other countries, but this is Russia and bribes are commonly accepted. Don’t go cheap like buying a roll of toilet paper at the dollar store because it doesn’t last long and neither will your bribe. A standard amount that will get you out of a jam is $500 USD or $30,000 Russian Ruble.

Final Thoughts on Traveling With Cannabis

When you’re traveling with cannabis, it’s a good idea to know for if it’s legal in the country or state where you’re traveling, and if it is, how much can you have on your person?

In the United States on average, traveling on the road with one ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of concentrate in states where it’s legal, is a good rule of thumb just like Donald Trump making America great again for stoners and high-class escorts alike.

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This a wonderful idea of traveling with weed nice one thanks for sharing.

what is $500 in relation to a police officers salary in russia? is $500 a weeks salary a months, etc?


It's a lot. My neighbor is a retired Russian polize detective. I can't remember how much he said his salary was but I remeber that 500 dollars is a lot of money. Perhaps even apartment buying level of lot of money.

in Los Angeles the TSA isnt checking for cannabis and the LAX airport simply advises that you know the laws of your destination and refuses any liability.

If someone actually wants to try flying or any other type of transport that might involved dogs. Sniffing dogs and dogs in general can't stand pepper. It irritates them far too much in the nose, so they generally stay away or avoid it. It's a good way to mask the smell.

good guide!