Smoking Tips For A Better High

9 months ago

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When I smoke cannabis, one thing is for certain.

I smoke weed to get high. So why not find ways to get a better high or feel better when you’re high?

I’ve came up with a few smoking tips for a better high.

Inhale Deeply

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First and foremost I think the first tip for getting a better high is to always make sure that you INHALE with your lungs! If you do not inhale to your lungs and just inhale with your mouth when you smoke, you will NEVER get high and it’ll be such a waste of money, energy, and most importantly, weed.

When I was a kid, I inhaled. Frequently. That was the point.
Barack Obama

Bucket Bong

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When I was in high school, there were some friends of mine who always found out ways to reach their optimal highness. One day I was shown a gravity bong. I had no idea why I would be smoking out of a bucket type instrument, but I suddenly found out why. This is a very intense high and you should not try it if you are inexperienced. I was that person, and I’ll never forget how flipping high I felt during that.

Eating Mangoes

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I have read and heard about eating mangoes before you smoke weed. It is supposed to get you higher. If you eat a mango about an hour before you smoke, its believed to give you a much more euphoric high. I'm not experienced in this realm, though I did try a mango smoothie once while high and it tasted flippin fantastic (though Im not sure it helped the high), but hell, why not give it a shot, mangoes are delish!

Change up your intake method

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Another tip to get higher when smoking weed is changing up how you take in your weed. Maybe bake some pot brownies, instead of smoking for a week or so. Edibles can be found in many places as well. When you eat brownies or find the edibles, the high will last about six to eight hours, this is an experience that you should try once at least. The more you smoke, the higher the tolerance will be and you will require more and more as time progresses.

Hell, change up your plug

Yeesus weed by @simplisick

Also, check for different strains of weed. When you smoke the same weed over and over again, it gets a little dull. You want to get a better strain or mix up the strains that you know will give you the optimal high. Another idea could be to always inhale deeply and make sure you’re going to get high. If you aren't high, please, please, please do not act like you are! It's not only going to ruin any high you may have, but also make you look like a fool.

Dab some wax

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Mixing it up with weed may be a great idea, but also you should try dabbing concentrates. This will help you break the monotony from just smoking weed. Dabbing will get you extremely high and it's a different experience altogether.

Try it all

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Adding ice cubes to your bong will help you get higher. Eating foods that are full of Omega-3, like fish, eggs, walnuts, avocados, quinoa, and more. Adding some dark chocolate to your diet assists in getting higher as well. ...If nothing works that I have listed, then what you need to try is deep breathing exercises or go exercise before hand, hike a mountain or do something that kicks off the adrenalin. . These are a sure fire way to help optimize your high each and every time you smoke.

What do you do when you want to get ultra high?

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Nice tips, seems you are a professional lol, I have also heard about eating mangoes before smoking to get a good high am not gonna doubt it till I give it a shot though, still trying to taste different strains at my reach for now. Enjoying life while it last,
in between thanks for posting.

I definitely agree with the bucket bong idea. I've been using a waterfall bong for a while now and its helped me stretch my stash almost the double the amount it normally would.

Bucket bongs were my go to for a very long time. In fact it ended up earning me the nickname ‘Bucket Head’. The intensity of the high was very addictive.


I used to know a chick that loved bucket bongs, should have called her bucket head lol

Reallly Awesom guide, plug it on

I will have to try the mango thing.

I've heard that grapefruit story, but never tried and never met anyone who could confirm that. Ice in your bong will make smoking a smoother experience, but I never felt like I got higher high because of ice. Edibles are good fun, actually I'm looking forward getting some tonight, but can be tricky with first timers. It's good to know how much of weed is in every cake.
Oil, wax, hash, tinctures... as you said they all have different effect and it's interesting to shuffle them.

But, for me personally, if I wanna get better high I'll just take some more. It doesn't matter in what form.

being willing to let the plant work its magic is a big part of enjoying the high a bit more. I think using a vaporizer is another good way to enhance your experience.

The mangoes really work! ...and they're also a great munchies 👌✨

oh Shieeeeet, gonna start eating mangos now :D I really didn't know about this but I need to try it now.

Now cake is on my mind now need to change method of consumption

Have you ever done hotknives @plug? Those are the ones that have gotten me the highest out of all of them. I tried them with dabs recently and holy shit I almost passed out...