9 months ago


Herbaceous flower
Cannabis cultivated
As medicine source.

Remarkable plant
Nutritional supplement
Therapeutic hemp.

Amazing spectrum
Utilizing Cannabis
For textile fiber.

For body and mind
Energising experience
With Sativa strains.

They say miracle
Medical Marijuana
Is responsible.

Mostly elderly
Patients severe condition
Cured, astonished.

Some call it "The Pot"
Draw grass weed bush hush dope puff
Smoked them in pipes.

Sativa effect
Just like laughing Buddha
Flying high unstress.

Beware of large dose
Mental effects and the mood
Physical weird.

Hello everybody,

This is my first time to post and happy for the opportunity to submit my entry using the freewrite tools from squibler.io with a proof:


My gratitude to @d00k13 for hosting the freewrite contest and photo credits to @li-art

To @dargonx0x for inviting me to join

To @indaymers @zephakexia @lawlai @diosarich @sarimanok @palpitate and the rest of the gang. Better late than never.


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Wow, you made it here and your entry is lovely with that haiku... I think @dargonx0x is really convincing a lot of users to join this freewrite contest... keep them coming and interact more...cheers!


grateful to you @indaymers the community is growing in here with your perfect knowledgeable post...

I always feel so honored to be mentioned in a post specially that it has an excellent content. Haiku is difficult for me and I am so amazed that you have done one! Good luck to our entries for the 2nd week of #420Freewrite. @d00k13 must have a hard time choosing the best one. lol


lovin all entries. I said to myself, If they can do it, why not me...I must write, too. Thanks for dropping by @palpitate

Welcome brother finding this platform feels like a good meal after that blunt hits the spot!


thanks Bro, really thinkin hard for @d00k13 freewrite fun fun with lots of puffin...

You made it @yduj.
Haiku, Sativa with Haiku, so great
Let us puff together!


thanks yes for the community of puffin, we can strain it! @lawlai

Wow! Very nice Sativa HAIKU. Love it!


thank you for the appreciation of short poems @diosarich

well done @yduj. you did great.. keep it coming 💚


with your first post so encouraging, who wouldn't follow you...yeah, I'll keep on...

that is an amazing haiku line over there, good to have you at #freewrite and showing your forte, you're really into it.
smoke on!


my gratitude to yu @dargonx0x the ever untiring promoter...you really got me!
happy flying high...

Now that is a HIGHku 😉 never been good at writing these myself but yours has a good flow and message to it.... might have to take and example from yea 😆

Isn’t it strange how those whom seem to promote weed’s beneficial aspects do so like the old time scammers selling snake skin oil as a cure all back in the day?

Thank you for participating ❤️