White and Pink Runtz on today's Menu

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last year

White and pink runtz stress free, stay up high, keeping you boasted 67500289_500706420496699_5221052235264568211_n.jpg

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Packaging is irresponsible, kind of looks like candy packaging and I hate when companies do that, it gives cannabis a bad rap.


Sorry that's a show case bag not a shipping bag besides we got the legal right to our gas


Yeah but even legal right states they shouldn't be packaging that way because it advertises from the packaging to children. That packaging looks like something Nestle's Willy Wonka brand packages their candy. It seriously hurts the legalization movement not every place is legal yet but I guess some companies don't care if it's not legal every place else and they can make more money once it does become legal every place else. As long as they can make a quick dollar now.