Purple Trainwreck - Strain Review

5 months ago


I know I know I owe a couple other reviews still but I had to go get a bit of cannabis today and after seeing this I just had to show it off here on smoke.

Heavy hitter needed

Today was a shit day so far, Just life so I wanted to go get a nice heavy hitter and take a load off, So as I got the shit news yesterday my local guy is done dealing now, Let me tell you that really blows cause I now got to wait on the mail and maybe pay a bit more. I always got way better selection ordering online tho.

Purple Tranwreck

Now I have had and heard of trainwreck but I have not heard of purple trainwreck so guess what, Off to google it was to see what kinda information I can find on this or was this just a purple Trainwreck just a name they made cause the trainwreck was purple. That was not the case tho I was able to find that purple trainwreck was a cross between trainwreck and Mendo purps.

I have never had the chance to try mendo purps at all but I am some these peeps from cali have had a chance to try maybe even can do a review them selfs!

The Review



Shocking this flower is not a very strong smell, The smell it does have is a slight berry smell to it but nothing too strong at all.



The looks on this are just insane, It has the deepest of purples with a nice white coat over top of it, The green and purple might be some the best looking I have seen in a long time.



Have you ever tasted a piney berry? Well, this has to be the best tasting pine with a good hint of berry to it, Kinda like a blueberry taste to the strong pine it has. I have to say this would be an amazing cut to grow as I have never had this before.



I was not shocked with the looks of this that it was going to a heavy hitter just like I was looking for that day, From my first bong toke I could feel it hit me and my eyes just got nice and heavy and it was the stress reflex I was looking for.

I am going to say this is not for the weak sometimes stoner this is for the person looking for a heavy medications or looking to get really baked and jst take a load off

Purple Trainwreck Nugporn


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I am going to say this is not for the weak sometimes stoner this is for the person looking for a heavy medications or looking to get really baked and jst take a load off

They are actually very appetizing for a load off.. Haha..
Keep up the great work man!..


Haha, Thank man

Later upon layers of color. So beautiful. It looks like a lavish dark green over purple with a web of white hairs. Stunning. I heard TW was a strong heavy hitter and couch lock.

Taste = 10/10 and thats the most important thing. If it scores full at it then the other things don't really matter.


I have never had a bud that taste like this one did

Oh man, I thoroughly enjoyed the trainwreck strain, this Purple Trainwreck sounds amazing. Will have to watch out for this strain, looks like the score is extra delicious. Nice icing on those nugs.


Yeah, I have had regular trainwreck and enjoyed it

So did all your carriages derail and pile up from the train wreck, Lol. Great review mate sounds deadly, bong on bro. :-)

All in all looks like its really gonna wreck you.

I think this. if mixed with cigarettes is very delicious


That is a nasty shit... stay green bro😀